Favorite TV Shows

I haven’t watched anything in weeks. Almost months perhaps. It’s always one show at a time, which sometimes means 1 hour per week. I have game of thrones in 10 days.

I just started love, death and robots. It’s 18 scifi mostly short stories. It’s animated but at times you can’t even tell. Most of it is dark but some of it is funny. At times it is the most violent thing I’ve ever seen. Not for everyone. It’s on Netflix. It’s difficult to put a trailer up since the episodes are not related. Most are around 15 minutes.

Episode 13 was okay. A nice story with the ship being alive and sacrificing itself. The animation is incredible. You can’t even tell.

So I haven’t owned a TV for decades. That doesn’t mean there weren’t shows I didn’t love. Most haven’t survived the test of time. This one has. I know it was stupid and unrealistic but it remains the most beautiful show I have ever seen. I loved it as a kid.

I sense a Gunda like obsessive flood coming on. I’ll try to keep it short. This is the best scene I’ve ever seen on TV.

How. Brilliantly. Witty. No wonder you consider that scene the best you‘ve ever seen. :rofl:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Did the first cut of the lawn this year and carried 6(!) loads of earth with my e-cargo bicycle to close all the holes Gracie was digging, lol. I love my e-cargo bicycle. The windows I‘ve cleaned yesterday already and now I am enjoying a bath. I love and enjoy my bath tub too, as I missed it totally the 14 years I had to live with only a shower in my former apartment. :bathtub: :bath:

And here’s my favourite tv show:

Enjoying funny videos in my bath tub. I‘ve seen this live produced old episode of „Will & Grace“ a dozen times already in my life, but it‘s still fun to watch both trying hard to control their laughing.

You should try Miami Vice, Gunda.

If I want to watch an old crime series on tv, then I‘d rather choose Magnum, P.I. Way more humour, charme - and even Magnums hawaiian shirt was nicer than those ugly suits Crockett & Tubbs wore. Not to forget Zeus and Apollo.:grin:

Also the theme of Magnum was better.

I haven‘t watched any of the new episodes except the few clips on YouTube and therefore don‘t know why Will and Jack got high - but this scene is hilarious. :joy:

Game of thrones just ended. I ran a pool at work where you guess if each of the 29 characters left was going to live or die. Plus, some bonus questions. 4 of them.

It was such a disappointing season. It probably would not have been disappointing if the previous 7 seasons weren’t so spectacular.

I guess the actors wanted to probably end it. And the writers. They are human. It made me think. Maybe they will just replace actors. Look at the simpsons. 32 years soon.

Love, death and robots might be groundbreaking. It was probably the most violent show I’ve seen. The directors and animators could control their characters however they wanted. Without the actor burning out. The animation is incredible now. They are even getting the eyes down.

I’ve heard you say something about running pools at work in the past. How much money is pooled and do you ever win?

I never watched GoT but I’ve had guests that act like they are losing their minds over it. What made it so special?

In this particular case, there were 50 entries and the entry fee was 1 dollar. The prizes (bought by myself) included a cutting board, a pint glass, a bottle opener, socks, oreos and a mug. I think there is now a 3 way tie for 5th.

I started a baby pool for someone that had a baby. And I won! The entry fee was 2 dollars and half the pot went to the baby. There were only 20 entries. Maybe if there were 100, I would have kept some money, but I gave it all to the baby.

After this one, I think I am done for a while as there is a debate on one of the bonus questions. As far as the show goes, it had everything. It was VERY expensive to make, and you could tell they were all perfectionists. Unfortunately, the last season was dreadful. Kind of left a bad taste for wasting 8 years.

Same here.

I wouldn’t bother. You will feel like you wasted 73 hours after watching the last 2.

I don’t watch TV but I like the idea of this new Star Trek series. We’ll see if it’s as interesting as it sounds.

TNG was a top 5 show of all time.

I always thought Riker was an idiot. He did add to the show, though. He made everyone else seem smart and it was comical he had his Commander title.

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The guy that played riker is directing it. Hmmph.

I didn’t like Riker either but that guy has actually directed a lot of good stuff since no longer acting.