Favorite Patriotic Songs

Deutschlandlied sung by a female Moroccan rapper. Gorgeous.

La Marseillaise sung by Mireille Mathieu. Moving.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic sung in 1962 by Thomas Pyle, William Steffe and the Robert Shaw Chorale. Stirring.

The Russian National Anthem sung by a lot of people after the return of Crimea. Joyful.

Edit: Random girls at Xiamen High School #6. I don’t even know if this is a patriotic song but I feel patriotism when I listen to it. Well, reverse patriotism. I look at their kids and I look at our kids and I lose hope. I think, “maybe I don’t care anymore that the future is theirs”. Yes, I would prefer if our kids weren’t obese, tattooed, pierced freaks of indeterminate gender, but they are. Theirs aren’t. I’d rather the future looked like these kids than like our kids. I really like the song, too.

Edit: This is the best version of Tautiška giesmė (The Lithuanian National Anthem) I have ever heard.

Edit: Bhutanese people doing Bhutanese stuff. Catchy.

Norwegians being moody and depressing as usual, but brilliantly this time.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Deutschland Uber Alles translated to English before.

Also this isn’t patriotic but Germans really have amazing choirs.

One (of many) great things about BBad is that you always share thought provoking posts.

I continue to be irritated at how clean cut and wholesome Russian kids are compared to ours.

dont worry if you put on your glasses and/or observe more closely you will see lots of variety, there are some chubby kids and even some with glasses and darker skin and most likely some of them have tattoos and piercings, half of them will become gay and at least a third of them will grow up and have a sex change… welcome to reality, reg! :wink:


I honestly doubt that.

Incredibly unlikely. Russia is not the Netherlands.

give it some time… there is no stopping progress/diversity

You are probably right. Hopefully the Muslims will breed you people out of existence, and then lose a war. I don’t really care to whom.

hoping is a waste of time and energy… muslims will be cured by change and becoming part of our diversity… just like christianity, paedophilia and other mental diseases

Also this. Check out the beautiful brown Russian girl at 1:50. If these were Canadian kids, well, I doubt it would be this wholesome.

Nonsense. All change begins with hope.

More nonsense. Muslims are growing. Western culture is dying. They will cure you by wiping you out. That you welcome this will not change the outcome.

most western culture is pretty savage and sick, just like most eastern… they are indeed slowly dying out and being replaced with a new mixture
all should welcome this


Ah…Achoo*:sneezing_face:. Bless you…I’m sorry, I meant me.