Favorite Music Videos


What are you talking about, Daniel?


I heard these references to “Elysium” on a German “Infowars”-related outlet “Kulturstudio” which normally brings pretty detailed informations for the red-pilled on topics of everything related to the “deep-state” and “behind-the-scene” politics like Bilderberger and biblical prophecies critically analyzed.


It’s hard to pick a favorite Elvis song or movie for me. But the King has the most appeal in these two songs for me, and great stage presence.
Sometimes it is just the best advice to just let somebody be, oh let him be, just let him be a teddy bear! Let it run it’s course!

This is my other or prob favorite, although I can substitute a song for each of those depending on memory or mood. I watched several Elvis movies as a child but this song and video I did not experience as from the King himself.
This actually became my favorite song after I watched it “live” performed by the Animatronics Chuck E Cheese band. I believe I saw it with the Rock-afire Explosion alos, or may have been confused. Couldn’t figure out the lyrics for some time but I do remember the act and tune.

This was not Elvis or band obviously, but my experience.


I keep hearing that word bilder…whatever. I don’t know what it Is.


Good! They should close the entire Chuck-E-Cheese franchise.






“Hold on” was not the first song I heard by Alabama Shakes. Her voice is so diverse that I thought they had multiple singers. One male, one female. I probably listened to the whole album. When people used to do that. So then I finally saw a picture of her (Brittany Howard). Then I watched a video and realized she was the only singer. They are amazing musically, but I liked them better after I saw her. An overweight lesbian black woman from Alabama singing blues rock. She must be tough as nails. And not lazy.

Easy to tell why I thought they had two singers…

From wikipedia…

Howard was born in Athens, Alabama[5] to a white mother and an African American father.[6] The family house was in a junk yard, and once burned down due to a lightning strike.[7] She learned to write poetry and play the piano from her older sister Jamie, who died from retinal cancer in 1998. Her father left the family soon after.[8] She began playing the guitar at age 13,[9] and later attended East Limestone High School, where she met future Alabama Shakes bassist Zac Cockrell.[9] She worked for the United States Postal Service until becoming a full-time musician as lead singer of Alabama Shakes.[10]

Easy to root for.

I always thought “Hold On” was about not committing suicide, when it crossed your mind. Things will get better sort of. I could be wrong. That’s how I heard it.


I love bimbo music.


If I could eat lunch with any musician, alive or dead, I’d pick Tom Waits. As long as he doesn’t smoke.


Good choice Dan. Would you allow him to drink?


I pick Willie Nelson.


Or maybe Dan Hicks.


Or even Pokey LaFarge.



He can definitely drink. He can smoke too. I’d probably just leave if he smokes.


Smoking should just be banned. Everyone would complain for 3 months and then it would be forgotten like other gross antiquated practices (like spittoons).




I don’t think I’ve been to a concert this year. Going to see Lykke Li in October. She had a kid a few years ago. Maybe 2 years. Seems like a really nice person. I’ve been too busy this year to keep up with music. She has new music out. I guess I should listen.