Favorite Music Videos

True, their music is horrible noise.

Repeat much? Everything is always horrible or some variation of it, according to Reggie.

Not everything. Mostly the music other people post is horrible noise. The music I post is excellent.

I bet everyone here thinks Jimi Hendrix was a good guitarist.

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I still remember this revelation I had in the late 90s when I finally “got” his Star Spangled Banner. I had always thought, “God this is the worst piece of shit masquerading as music I have ever heard.” Then one day it just somehow clicked and I figured out that he was doing a tour of Vietnam on the guitar. The screeches were air raid alarms. The weird high-low sounds were ambulance sirens. The howls followed by crashes were bombs falling from the sky. From that instant on, I have thought it was one of the most breathtakingly brilliant pieces of music I have ever heard.

Obviously, I don’t know who this is but he seems to have a powerful political message with a hint of spiritual battle.

I don’t know who he is beyond having heard that one song, either. I loved it about 20 years ago, when BBAD was young and active. I would play it in the chat a lot.

He doesn’t so much have a political/spiritual message as a bunch of disjointed and unrelated political and spiritual rants.

I like the bit about the Serpent being put in charge of the country. That was during the W era.

Tina Turner died. She was 83.

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rip tina

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20 years ago? That song could have been written yesterday with all the trigger words, like dome, Matrix and virus but he sounds angry.

You think? He sings about his life being a trap or maybe he’s just ranting about his life while he sings about the political environment. Either way, he’s a disturbed person.

Don’t you understand they’ll never let me live out in peace.

Yeah, it could have been any era or president. I thought he said a lot so it’s difficult to narrow it down to one line but I thought this was interesting…

So tell me mother fucker, how could you die for the throne
When you don’t even got the fuckin’ heart to die for your own

I wondered if he was referring to Charles here.

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These guys have made other videos it seems. Not my thing but I admit it’s catchy.

I actually like that musicians are putting our message out there but they are over-throwing the F bomb around.

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Agreed 100%. The first video had no profanity at least. I don’t think it did, anyway. I only understood half of what they said.