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It‘s just animated, nonetheless very fascinating.

This is fantastic. I always had huge respect for craftsmanship, regardless which material. It‘s one of a few honest works people can do. Some guy from Sweden is the driving force behind building a marble machine. As far as I know, he built two of them, one mainly made out of wood and the newer one contains mixed materials and is even more complex.

The first video shows the building of the new „Marble Machine X“ and the second shows the finalized first marble Maschine made of wood.

That’s lovely, Gunda.
Tell us, do you own a bidet or are you one of the 99% of the world whose hygiene has come into question.

I hate to break this to you but there are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, so at least a quarter of the planet (and probably more) wash with water.

1.8 billion Muslims and you are saying they all own bidets? Are you sure about that?

Kindly re-read.

Kindly re-read.

I’m mad at you. Do t talk to me right now. W dry thing you day falls on deaf ears because you are a rude and narrow minded. I know what you said but I also remember what you first said.


You must be talking to Reg. I think he understands other languages.

Good. I’ll assume you will be buttying out soon.


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