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What happened last Monday?


Trumps alleged rapes. You and Will made that so overwhelming no woman could answer it.

Edited for grammatical errors🙄


I’m not mad about it tho. I know you shut me down so you could say I couldn’t defend him.
But I can and will!


Rape? Have you been raped over the internet?


I’m also very confused, but I don’t think this conspiracy involves me, so I’m going to keep a low profile about it.


Are you talking about this?


Did I say that, Dick?


No, Reg! That post alone was not overwhelming but all of it together was.


So you cried rape. Explain yourself.


I did not! Shut your stupid mouth.


What is this then?


Apparently, it’s another grammatical error. I’ll try to do better.


Hold on or hopefully this is going to hurt you in the worst way.


I’m never going to follow your rules.


The silence, the silence
The blinding ultra violence

Knocking at the door

You get one call in hopes someone will hear you and save you. Who do you call?

Put Him on speed dial! Even frostbite hurts!


Btw, be careful! I want you to choke on the meat.


The first thing I’m going to do is learn sign language. :kiss:


Ting, ting, like little nuggets of precious gold. :slight_smile::kiss:


Hey Reg. Ice has a new “album” out. I haven’t listened yet. Maybe on the way to work tomorrow.


My nuts play ping pong from the noise, lol. He’s still funny.