Favorite Food

Mine is Sushi! Today’s lunch.

I can’t stand coffee or seafood.

Tonight’s sugar rush meal brought to me by Coke-a-cola and Marie Calendar’s Chocolate Creme pie.

To lazy to make my own. Plus had to take the family into Urgent Care for Covid tests. Oldest and hubby tested positive.

Unfortunate. Vaxxed?

Hubby yes, kids no.

Oldest has bounced back and is full of piss and vinegar again. Youngest still has a cough and slight fever. As far as I know, I am fine. Doc said I should consider myself sick even though I am not showing symptoms yet, it’s only a matter of time. :roll_eyes:

They ate their fast food just fine though. Youngest slept the whole way home, then another 6 hours after we got back.

I took a 3 hour ‘nap’ and now my sleep schedule is off kilter.

Guess I’ll have to work on some homework before I get sick.

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may you and your family all feel better soon, am sure your diet will help :wink:

I doubt that my diet will help, but thank you for the sentiment.

That pie looked yummy and I love coke after 15 minutes in the freezer. I love the burn of that first drink lol but I would never have them together. I don’t think the sugar in coke and a sweet slice of pie would taste well together.

I ate the worst pizza of all time on Saturday. Doughie, flavorless sauce which was barely any, plenty of grease, undercooked by 3 minutes which meant a floppy thick crust which in an interest combo. I would have been embarrassed to serve it. It was vile. Did I mention it was greek?

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Does greek pizza always suck?

  • Yes
  • Yes, it certainly does.

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I had to google Greek pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever had it. Looks fine in pics.

I had Mexican for a late lunch.
The drink is Shirly Temple, non alcoholic.
I love their salsa and shredded beef.

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looks like a dead rat to me… silky would be proud :wink:

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You take that back!!

oh i would definitely have that taken back!

It’s one of my favorite meals… shredded beef, enchiladas.

the idea sounds nice… but why does it have to be rat meat?

It is not rat!!

oh ok… ill take your word for it :wink:


is that the sound of a rat?