Favorite Food


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I tried making waffles today. Not really my thing but a nice change.

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supposed to eat them
not capture their souls

i mourn the loss of your laser
console yourself with the knowledge that it no longer feels pain

Someone get the paddles. We will save it before time runs out.

Yay a ‘favourite food’ thread!

Searching for an appropriate thread to post a few meal pics, I came across this gem of a convo. Made me chuckle and think of the old days.

I like sweet potatoes. Probably my favorite food. I could eat them every day.

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Last night’s meal - laksa noodle soup. I bought the laksa paste from a nearby Asian grocery market and pimped it up a little by sauteing it with some fresh chilli, lemongrass, garlic and ginger, prior to adding it to the remaining recipe ingredients. This one will be on regular rotation.

Edited to add: shredded chicken and vermicelli noodles covered with the laksa broth, topped with bean sprouts, tofu puffs, fried shallots, coriander, lime and drizzled with chilli sauce.


That looks so much better than Mark’s.

That would look good as a POM. Looks delicious.

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I love sweet potato too, Dan. Do you eat it as a sweet, savoury or both? I recall that pumpkin is typically used in sweet dishes in the US, whereas pumpkin is primarily used in savoury dishes here in Aussie. Same with sweet potato - we roast, steam, boil and mash it, use it in potato bakes, quinoa salads and massaman curries. What’s your favourite way to cook/eat it?

I eat them any way you can possibly think. Pumpkin too!!!

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Looks amazing. Laksa is everywhere in Malaysia where I was born.

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Thanks Reg. The site where I came across the recipe mentioned that it was a Malaysian dish. I found it incredibly delicious - the broth was full of flavour. I will be searching for other Malaysian recipes to try.

looks very yummy! i would toss the beansprouts and add more chicken, peppers and a bit of coconut milk to make it more indonesian mmmm :wink:

lol dont diss silkies sumptuous sausages!

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That looked so good I Googled the recipe. Looks fairly easy to make but I have to go get the ingredients which, when I Googled where to find some of these ingredients, I noticed there are three main sources for kiffer lime leaves. That’s fine by me. I just thought it was interesting that only Amazon, Etsy and eBay carry it. No Wal-mart. That’s what surprised me.

no offense meant but i had to giggle since there must be hundreds of variations of laksa lol (and to be fair i just learned myself that you can classify laska into only 2 types: asam and curry (Laksa - Wikipedia )

it does make me wonder which exact recipe you looked up and how on earth all those millions of asian americans manage to make and eat it if they can only order it from those 3 specific companies! :wink: