only smart people use face book

Facebook is in freefall.

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, lives in his own alternate reality where he thinks the rest of the world wants to be.

Meta is looking like a disaster. Might be a good short sell.

That’s a shame. The page says Threads provide a simple, focused canvas for sharing our work and getting rich feedback in return.

I installed the app and signed up. I made a couple of posts. Then I forgot it existed until this article told me that pretty much everyone else did the same thing.

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Threads has been a total flop. I still use FB but it may not have a bright future.

It can’t be darker than their past.

My goodness. What a humbling experience but it changes nothing.

Zuck is under investigation, again. I’m guessing nothing, beyond a fine, will happen here, as always.

Crazy. Standing, waiting for someone to open the door.