I posed this question to Facebook friends one year ago today. The question is the same today.

Road trips are overrated. I take the train to the airport, go wherever I want to go, and skip 90% of the travel time. Watching trees go by and looking at the rear end of 18 wheelers is boring.

You are boring.

In a weekend, I can drive to the next town over or fly to Paris. Paris will only cost a few hundred more to do. Road trips are boring.

We got 23 inches of snow in 2 days. And 2 more today. I called out. Think I have norovirus. Gonna lose those 20 lbs pretty quickly.

Well okay. I wasn’t going to say it but since you already have, I agree, a road trip with you would be boring. Probably as boring as Hell. Probably make me feel like I’ve been to Hell. The very thought makes me feel parched and thirsty. I need Water. You could probably use a little water as well.

I agree. You probably need to see a Physician. The sooner the better in your case.

You fly for convenience to avoid the scenery? What joy do you get from that?

I fly to avoid endless hours spent unnecessarily in transit. Nearby towns are generally similar to the town one is in. Flying for a few hours can take you around the world to experience truly different things. If Americans would travel more, they would see that the countries they consider socialist hell holes are generally much nicer than the one they come from.

You seem a little touchy which is not in your nature. What’s wrong with you today? Jet-lag?

Heaven forbid you should be delayed in traffic.

Every town has its own unique beauty unlike the empty skies.

It also gives you jet-lag from which can take days to recoup from.

Thanks! No, thanks. If I want to go to a socialist Hellhole, I only have to click on my Bbad icon and search at will.

Does that seem a little harsh to you, Reg? Be honest.

It’s not going to get easier and I’m probably not going to always be nice to you until you start answering me truthfully. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start acting like I feel when I look at the POM.

Being relieved of the blight of seeing Oklahoma?

Thank you, Lord for small miracles.

No. It seems stupid. Honest.

OK that’s fair. Remember, your words, not mine and I agree. It has been a stupid socialist hellhole for me for three years. I make no apologies for it. Honest!

BBad is predominantly socialist, although that’s not saying much being as small as we are. I was referring to not wanting to travel, however. How can you have any opinion about France if you’ve never been to Paris? I remember when the Italian economy was tanking and Americans talked about Italy as though people were starving and living in the streets. If they had ever been there, they’d know that Italy is actually a great nation with excellent health care and minimal desperation. Yes, there are areas of Rome and Paris full of Muslim refugees these days, but there are areas of San Francisco where people pooping on the street has become so big an issue that it’s making national news. Seeing the world gives you an entirely new perspective, one based on experience and facts rather than whatever Fox News is currently reporting.

Yet you keep returning.

I’m an advocate for change.

I can’t, Reg. And judging from what’s going on over there, why would I? It looks like a fire fight is about to break out over there.