I didn’t conclude that. You must have read it wrong.

Facebook BANS Trump’s account after president “incited” MAGA mob

“We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” Zuckerberg wrote in the post.

The globalist funded rioters burned our cities to the ground all summer long. Of course, that was Trumps fault. It was his administration that failed to control the little Soros-funded bastards. It does raise the question, why didn’t Zuckerberg care when they were burning our cities? I’ll answer that for you. Because it never mattered. It’s almost like it didn’t even happen, even though it did.
Trump is out. Biden in. I’m excited. I think the first thing we should do is go look at his videos and see what he has planned for our future. Don’t ask what you can do for our country. Ask what our democracy is going to do to you.

I’ll run fetch something fun from the Biden files.

The important thing here is that your votes counts, twice.

trump’s plan involved twitter as an integral part
he didn’t have a plan for when twitter went away
which of the two shows him to be a bigger buffoon?

did they get tulsa too?
those bastards
i hear portland looks like dresden

There was no need to get Tulsa. It was branded a super-spreader.

No liberals were harmed during the mass-sanitizing that took place, although the method may be considered effective for anyone who was thinking of changing their affiliation.

Over 78,000 Facebook, Instagram Users Removed for Violating QAnon and ‘Militarization’ Policies

We continue to strengthen our enforcement by identifying additional militarized social movements, new terms associated with QAnon and how people attempt to skirt our detection, including focusing more on Facebook profiles used to organize and promote these movements and groups on our platform,” Facebook said in an update on Jan. 19.

The company added that “these groups are constantly working to avoid our enforcement and we’ll continue to study how they evolve in order to keep people safe.”

Facebook added that “as of January 12, 2021, we have identified over 890 militarized social movements to date and in total, removed about 3,400 Pages, 19,500 groups, 120 events, 25,300 Facebook profiles and 7500 Instagram accounts. We’ve also removed about 3,300 Pages, 10,500 groups, 510 events, 18,300 Facebook profiles and 27,300 Instagram accounts for violating our policy against QAnon.”

Zuckerberg now controls who can speak and what they can say for well over a billion people. How comforting.

it’s his house. If you don’t like it, don’t go there.


(why anyone want to see/read what the facebook people have to share in the first place is another question lol)

A restaurant opens up in your neighbourhood and says “we are selling human shit for lunch”. It’s disgusting but somehow people go. They eat the shit and get sick. It causes an uptick in social problems. Hospital admission rates are up, general health and wellbeing is down.

Some people don’t see the harm. They’re clearly disclosing what they’re doing. It’s their house. Don’t go there if you don’t like it.

Others say, no, if you want to do business in our society, we are going to exert controls on the way you do business, just as we do for all other businesses. And you may not sell human shit, sorry. We do not care at all if people want it. They are gross and so are you.

I’m in the latter camp.

No place in the world would let you sell human shit for human consumption. Almost everyone agrees with this restriction.

We tell businesses how many fire extinguishers they must have and what ventilation they need. We tell businesses what they have to pay their employees, what medical care they need to provide and what hours they can make their employees work. We tell businesses what hours they can open and we make them build wheelchair ramps.

We also tell them if you ban someone from your business because they’re black or Jewish, we will destroy you, but if you ban them because they’re stupid and believe in QAnon, you’re good.

lol thats a great comparison from a facebooker lol

Using his site to spread disinformation does harm to society.

True! I would not ban Facebook. I would ban their data collection and harvesting practices.

This Facebook/Australia row has been interesting to follow. It’s clear to me that FB is right, but it’s also clear to me that they’re evil so this is a bit like the Muller thing with Trump. I just wanted Trump to be hurt and didn’t care if he hadn’t colluded with Russia and similarly I like that FB is being hurt here even though they are right.

What are they right about, Reg? Is it right that they collect our private content? Is it right that they sell it to third parties? What are they right about? Is it right that they take money for political ads even if the ad is false? Is it right to censor conservative opinion?


If you think that’s right then you must think it’s right also that they collect our private content and sell it?

They are not right about any of those things, Michele. Facebook is a horrible company and I am happy they are being hurt by this. It doesn’t change the fact that, on this one topic, they are right.

What are they right about? They are right that they should not have to pay for people linking to a news article. Under the rules proposed by the Australian government, I would have to pay the Australian media company every time someone here posted a link to an Australian news story. This is asinine.

EDIT: If this proposed Australian law is passed, I will also look into taking steps to prevent people from linking Australian news. I’m not paying for it.

EDIT2: I look forward to Nico’s screaming censorship on that day. He can feel free to give the Australian government his credit card and can be exempt from the rule if he does.

You’re leaning. You better watch that.

I don’t blame you here. I already assumed this was your issue. Paying for it I mean. It has nothing at all to do with Mark Zuckerberg being right.

I look forward to the day when Mark Zuckerberg stops lying to Congress and his users.