That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You read a news byte and you make assumptions. If you visited Paris right now, you’d find it far more peaceful, cleaner and more beautiful than OKC.

I guess I’ll have to go out and buy a world globe.

Try a book once in a while.

Good idea. I should start with yours.

Mine is not finished yet.

That’s okay. I’m only interested in what’s already been written.

I can recommend this one - “A Warning by Anonymous”

Sounds scary.

Oh it is.

What’s it about?

trumps corrupt whitehouse

Sounds intriguing.

The danger of having an ignorant megalomaniac as president.

In all fairness, he is the lesser of two evils. We made the right choice.

If trump gets re-elected he will probably have it burned.

Not if my vote counts. I have to go. See ya, Will.

Bye Michele.

Your Oklahoma vote doesn’t count. It counts as much as Reg’s. Mine counts now. I would imagine NH will get another Rep. Population seems to be increasing.

That’s where you are wrong. This is Reg’s House. His will be the final judgment.

How in the world do you conclude that I will decide if your vote counts in the US election? Mine doesn’t count at all. I administer this site, which means I get to decide what POM to put up and what spam to delete (about once every three months when someone bothers to spam us). That’s it.