European Union

I found the girl oddly attractive to my slight embarrassment.

Why embarrassed? Does her thrust intimidate you?

The girl in the video is attractive.


You’re lying. One word answer apart from explanation? Stringy hair, tshirt and sweats are not attractive but her hubby was radiant.

Her clothes weren’t attractive. She was. She’s young, fit and hot. Nobody cares what she’s wearing.

Oh, you mean her face lol. Sorry. I was looking at her as a whole person in general. Idk about her face. Maybe a 5. Average. What do you think?

Hey…there’s a stain on your tshirt, Reg.

Turns out the guy who beat up Mette Frederiksen was Polish. The story is less interesting now.

What a drunken idiot glad I sobered up 17 months ago.