European Union

5th of May of 2020 German highest court defeats EU court!

Guys, this is the bomb! I supported this way back then!!

PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Mayor blow.

…and all this in Coroner times…as always: I am declaring VICTORY!

The EU Is Entering a Constitutional Crisis

By undermining Europe’s top court, Germany’s constitutional judges may have opened Pandora’s Box.




Comment anyone?

Ahh, I got it, you’re all drinking and partying already. OK then!

if EU is the symptom, then secession is the cure!

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interesting but silly stuff

What are you on about, Daniel?

Preparing for another ride to Stuttgart of course…

I want to hear nothing else but a rising victory voice


This looks like the perfect opportunity to offer up 3D printed salmon pathogens and address overpopulation simultaneously and I bet if we are patient enough they will certainly provide some toxic food product to the hungry in their quest to demonstrate humanitarianism.

Totally artificially created food may end food insecurity around the world. It probably won’t taste good though. I don’t really care. We put too much emphasis on what food tastes like.

We put too little emphasis on how healthy it is though.

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