Europe shall abandon misunderstood tolerance

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said he expects Europe to abandon what he called “misunderstood tolerance” in the wake of a terrorist attack in Vienna while calling for an EU-wide effort to combat “political Islam.”

Wishful thinking. They are too naive and political correct to see the truth. For this, they consequently would need to shut down conservative mosques, which are the majority, and to kick out anyone who disagrees with the basic human rights granted in our constitution.

Who is Europe?
The EU should be dismantled and be done away with.
Then a massive Trump-wall in Greece and Spain and maybe other places, deport all who migrated after 1945 and done. Problem solved Trump-style

Combat radical islam…bla bla ramble bla bla…beating around the bush

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Oh, I disagree with most Trump did, but I agree with securing the borders to prevent illegal migration. By all means.

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I have to admit, there is actually a positive aspect of islamic attacks:
—> Drachenlord reaction streams

Du bist an boarischer Landsmann (frau). You are able to understand him!

  • “Wien has got islamic terrorism - I got trolls”
  • “Mobbing is like islamic terrorism - I already have been looking into gun barrels”
  • “Okay, some people died - but yesterday someone walked by my hood VIOLATING Corona regulations!!!”
  • “One single day of terror is nothing in comparison to 7 years of Internet hate”

Drachenlord discord is the answer to our times. While islamists roam freely EU regulates Coroana and gender speech. Gotta love it. You will love it. Well, not as much, because You are a woman and some guys on Discord haven’t seen or heard a woman in years and they let you know it (“Cave-dwellers”).

–> You have to try out the Discord experience!!! I feel like losing brain each minute I dwell there. And it feels great. I literalily havent heard anywhere else about the islamists before, but only on Drachenlord discord. I am more successful at abstaining from the world than Reg! -->GREAT SUCCESS!

–> On Drachenlord Discord (and its re-streams) you can chose either the side of

  • “Speerlutscher” (yes-sayers to Drache’s absurdities, figuring out how deep you can stick it into your throat), also gamers on steam. Sadly enough, they got admin-powers hence they’re randomly kicking Drachis or haters
  • “Drachis” (posting idiotic comments, most of the time not knowing neither topic nor what they are doing, slightly trolling the haters, hence donating from time to time) and
  • “Haters” (going apeshit all the time, trolling, commentating and re-streaming)

I tend to dwell on the Drachi-side-of-life
Some lengthy Fischkopp hater reaction to Drache:

@Reg German Discord troll-scene is Talkshoe troll-trash-comedy-insanity PLATINUM, but turbo-charged!

living in europe should have taught you better
they had the atlantic wall (festung europe)
how’d that work out?
they had the berlin wall
how’d that work out?
but if you think a wall similar to the mexican wall will help the refugee problem in europe, we can say it’s already done, and the muslims paid for it all

To Gunda’s defense: The wall of “Drachenschanze” in northern Bavaria is still standing, dude, still going strong. Resisting the hater invasion.

Drachenlord beats EU in anti illegal immigration policy.

i forgot that not a single allied soldier got into bavaria in wwII
thanks for reminding me

You’re welcome!

Good question.
Even though there is evidence that “Rudi was in der Waffen-SS”
and Drache himself defended the ̶s̶̶t̶̶o̶̶l̶̶e̶̶n̶ rightfully German owned Czar furniture with his MG42 machine-gun from all of You Yankee invaders
I don’t actually know if any ONE US soldier overcame Drachenschanze-wall and made it to Altschauerberg’s Drachenschanze thereby overcoming this invincible Bavarian stronghold.

…or in short: TRUMP - BUILD THAT WALL (and let Mexico pay for it)


did bannon ever pay for it?

Under Trump rule, probably twice.