Elton John

As Left-leaning Elton John peers through his imperceptive queer eyes and rose colored glasses, his god-like persona highlights his sovereign authority over the world as he judges the late, great, peace-loving Michael Jackson as mentally ill.

Well, MJ is alleged to have fudge packed young boys. That’s mentally ill in my book.

Alleged! He has a right to be seen as innocent since he was found to be innocent in a court of law. Elton John, on the other hand, is a shit stabbing, anal assassinating, turd burglar. I bet he owns a bidet for two.

Everyone, including me, asserts the presumption of innocence for people they like and abandons it for those they don’t. You assert it for Trump but abandon it for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. I do the same in reverse. I liked MJ but he probably did it. The recent interviews with the now grown boys he fudge packed are pretty convincing. Elton John is all the things you said but those things are legal now and I consider them none of my business.

I presume innocents for Michael Jackson because the court declared him innocent , Stupid.

MJ was never charged with or tried for sodomizing the now-grown children who have accused him. He was found not-guilty of sodomizing a kid named Gavin Arvizo.

How convenient that they would come forward after his death.

No, he was found not guilty.

Therefore he is innocent.

Is OJ innocent of killing his wife? He was also found not guilty.

PS: I repeat, MJ was never tried for sodomizing Wade Robson or James Safechuck. He was also therefore never found not-guilty for those alleged crimes.

Innocent means that you did not commit the crime. Not Guilty means that there was not sufficient evidence to determine that you did commit the crime. Reasonable doubt is what defense attorneys hammer into jurors’ heads.

I actually had the same thought. Michael was probably I’ll, but who is Elton John to judge? He seems just as nuts.

I loved Elton John at 12. I had forgotten him by 14. At 54 I turn away when I see a photo of him.

I think when musicians get into that strata they all get a little crazy. Fame has destroyed a lot of people.

So true. It seems like one or two K-Pop artists per month off themselves.

Here’s today’s.

Not imho. I suppose that’s the difference between us. You all judged according to the law of man and are correct. I judged according to what the Law in my heart tells me.

“All of them do it, not just the rich. Washing your ass with water after using the washroom is mandatory in their religion, and should be mandatory everywhere.”

You imply a person isn’t or can’t be clean unless they have a bidet.
You wash your nasty ass your way and I’ll wash mine my way.

True. Actually, I don’t imply it, I state it flat out. I don’t care if they actually have a bidet but they need to wash themselves in bidet form somehow or other. I don’t care if they lift their ass onto the sink and do it that way. They need to wash with water, though.

My heart tells me MJ molested those kids.

I bet it also tells you OJ is innocent.

That’s ridiculous, Reg! And offensive!