Years ago there used to be this thought that you had to eat within an hour after working out. Turns out that was a crock. Probably invented by companies. You are supposed to replenish before your next workout. Which is probably the next day, an hour or two before you work out. It kind of makes sense. I always felt fine the day after i hiked if i barely ate after, but figured i couldn’t do much. Then, I’d pound food down the next morning and was good to go. Im guessing most professional athletes do not eat their dinners at midnight, but they can still function the next day and are probably starving in the morning.

I started eating some meat. Can’t really eat red meat. Its a slow build. I probably wont eat it very often. Maybe twice a week. Just enough so I don’t feel weird when I do.

Why the change?

I was feeling weak. Not really week, just an endurance thing. I ate some awful chicken today, so just decided to ditch meat again, lol

New report just came out that eating 2 eggs a day is bad for your heart. Back and forth on cholesterol over and over again. I don’t think we need as much protein as some people do.

I have been eating peanut butter like crazy. Probably 3 times a day.

My eating has been bad lately too. Interestingly I just bought some peanut butter to try to balance my diet a bit. I am trying to lose 3 kg which I realize sounds like nothing but it’s bothering me so I’m trying. I think trying to lose that weight has affected my overall feeling of wellness.

How so?

I bet if you hiked one of those mountains in your backyard, you’d lost 3kg. Probably wouldn’t be worth the possible death that came with it.

Are you still taking NADH?

Yes to NAD+. I can barely walk to the bathroom with this foot injury so hiking the Andes is out. I just think, totally anecdotally, that if I ate cheeseburgers for a week I’d feel better. I don’t because I don’t want to gain 5 kilos but I think I’d feel better.

We have too many body. Too many to go wrong! I guess we need most of them. Happy healing.

I gained 10 lbs in 10 months. That’s okay, as long as I don’t keep up that pace.

Have you tried an impossible burger? I have not. I tried reading a little about it. It’s an odd market. It’s vegetarian, but about as GMO as you could get, so I’m not sure who their target audience is. It seems like it is made from plants but has a mimicked compound similar to animal muscle so it tastes like a burger. I could get into the science, but it might be boring. I never liked regular burgers, so I doubt I’d like it.

Never heard of it. I’m not into burgers much, either.

We’ve found a Hare Krishna restaurant we like here in Medellin. It’s obviously vegan. This tray of food costs $3 and we usually can’t finish it. I’m starting to like Medellin.

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Terrific. Mango juice? How much are you supposed to tip?

…can we have hope into You being turned in a raging Trump-supporting pro-heritage nationalist this way??
Be careful, since low Testosterone levels seemingly cause leftist opinion and behaviour. Rising them too quickly might turn you into Supa-Dupa-Uber-Natsi

Mhhmm, let’s see, people who hate their body, but are likely to engage in “saving the world” and Greta Thunfish CO2 cult…
Oh I can perfectly predict the target audience.

I am a meat-eating, Testosterone filled 120kg combat machine by now!
Women are piling up in a row in front of me whenever I go out.

Well or maybe not. I love salads, too.
I still wish you a pleasant testosterone rush, Nickscafe!!!:stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t press too hard, we don’t want to read about another Charlottesville incident of another one of those nasty heterosexual, testosterone filled white males…

I really like hearing your Nazi propaganda. It tells me a lot about you.

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Ahahahaha! When is the last time you had sex with a human female (not barnyard animals)?

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Eww! That looks nasty. What is it?