Some chick overdosed. She left this poem behind. Full text below the pic.

A parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for Brian and Bridget Farrell when their 23-year-old daughter, Delaney, overdosed from heroin and died recently.

“She knew what her monster was,” said Brian in a Facebook video (view below) that now has more than 11,000 views. “She knew she was battling it.”

Delaney lost the battle on Saturday. She was found by Williamsport, Penn., police at a Red Roof Inn where she had previously been employed.

Although Delaney has died, she’s left behind a powerful poem that has struck a chord with many. The poem, which expresses what it’s like to struggle with a heroin addiction, was included by her mother in her obituary (whose online version had crashed from a surge of traffic on Friday) after she found it in her daughter’s journal.

“Funny, I don’t remember no good dope days. I remember walking for miles in a dope fiend haze. I remember sleeping in houses that had no electric. I remember being called a junkie, but I couldn’t accept it. I remember hanging out in abandos that were empty and dark. I remember shooting up in the bathroom and falling out at the park. I remember nodding out in front of my sisters kid. I remember not remembering half of the things that I did. I remember the dope man’s time frame, just ten more minutes. I remember those days being so sick that I just wanted to end it. I remember the birthdays and holiday celebrations. All the things I missed during my incarceration. I remember overdosing on my bedroom floor. I remember my sisters cry and my dad having to break down the door. I remember the look on his face when I opened my eyes, thinking today was the day that his baby had died. I remember blaming myself when my mom decided to leave. I remember the guilt I felt in my chest making it hard to breathe. I remember caring so much but not knowing how to show it. and I know to this day that she probably don’t even know it. I remember feeling like I lost all hope. I remember giving up my body for the next bag of dope. I remember only causing pain, destruction and harm. I remember the track marks the needles left on my arm. I remember watching the slow break up of my home. I remember thinking my family would be better off if I just left them alone. I remember looking in the mirror at my sickly completion. I remember not recognizing myself in my own Damn reflection. I remember constantly obsessing over my next score but what I remember most is getting down on my knees and asking God to save me cuz I don’t want to do this no more !!! “

An old friend of mine saw this and photographed it.

perhaps attaching your new pom pic with raspberries to that note would help

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“One of the main arguments for legalisation is that it would reduce the black market trade in drugs and move the problem of drug addiction away from police and the criminal justice system and towards health professionals.”

Legalize drugs and give the healthcare industry control. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty could go wrong, but given the total, absolute, abject, unqualified failure of the current system, I say let’s try it.

By the way, nobody’s saying give the healthcare industry control. In Canada, the healthcare system is public. Give government control. And we don’t care that Americans are spooked by that. We’ve had government healthcare for many decades and it’s far better than your silly system.

Be controlled then because that’s what both drugs and the healthcare industry is doing.

prohibition works
it has a long and glorious history of works

Good news.

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Do you have a conservative beaver?

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Lawyers for Oklahoma death row inmates argued midazolam does not reliably induce a comalike sleep, violating the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.
-god’s truth