Drew Brees

Doing the right thing can be an effect from a few different causes.

  1. Laws (at times law is good).
  2. Guilt.
  3. You actually like doing the right thing.
  4. Scripture (godfearing)
  5. Other teachings

And many more.

It’s all about our emotions. Mostly fear and pleasure.

  1. Laws = fear
  2. Guilt = fear of feeling bad
  3. You actually like doing the right thing. = pleasure
  4. Scripture (godfearing) = fear
  5. Other teachings = fear usually

Do tell, Reg. What moral guidelines do you follow?

Coming from you, Reg, that is probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read.

My own, of course. I thought that was obvious.

Not obvious to me. I did what I do and assumed you followed some demonic guidance in one of your precious books.

Of course. What else could you do?

I could have assumed you were devil directing his moral compass.

Michele, here are a few tenets of your God’s morality.

  1. You can sin all you want, and we’ll punish another person (kill him temporarily, in fact) and that somehow absolves you of your sins as long as you say sorry.

  2. You can live a horrible life, kill, rape and steal, but if you say sorry on your deathbed and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, you go to heaven.

  3. You can live a perfect life, feed the hungry and shelter puppies all your life, keeping none of your money for yourself and only helping others, and then have a lustful thought and not repent of it before you die and you will be tortured for all eternity in Hell.

  4. If you guess wrong about how the universe was created, you get tortured for all eternity as punishment.

I’m quite happy with my moral compass, thanks. It appears to be in much better shape than Yaweh’s.

Oh snap!

lol@kill him temporarily.

It should give you comfort in knowing how merciful our Savior is. It takes a special person to love that deep.

It is a personal choice.

Sigh* I guess.

Deflect upon pressure to reveal your true convictions and then trade thoughts with your friends in hopes no one noticed.

Merciful? You missed this part I guess:

And you ignored this part.

Again! Talk about games!

You’re right, I did ignore those points because they are incredibly stupid, but allow me to address them now.

Yes, it’s a personal choice. Any God that would condemn someone to eternal torture for making that personal choice is incredibly evil. Your God, while fictional, is an ass. I am thankful he is only a childish story based on prior myths or he would be incredibly chilling in addition to being incredibly evil. He is not, though. He’s just a silly story, and you can spare me the veiled threats about how I’ll see for myself one day. I don’t care at all.

Regarding deflecting, ignoring a stupid comment and talking about other more interesting things is not deflecting. It is simply ignoring a stupid comment and talking about other more interesting things.
You’ve drunk the Jesus koolaid along with the Trump koolaid. Given this, despite the obvious evil that is the morality of your God, you support him. This is your right. It’s my right to think that talking to you about this (or about Trump) is a waste of time. This is not a deflection, it is me not wasting my time.

PS to Will: I am also getting the “quit hogging the conversation” warnings now, too. I think I’ll listen to it in this case.

“There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question”.
—Carl Sagan

“There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.”
—Colin Powell

Calm down, Reg. This conversation was never about God. That you twisted it and made it a hate-fest about God indicates to me that you must have some kind of phobia or fear about your own true beliefs. If that is a problem, say so. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in your comfort zone.
Having said that, the “stupid” points I was making was about your belief so I do agree, your belief is stupid and if it were my own, I wouldn’t want to discuss it either.

It is unfortunate that you value so little the precious things in life.

I apologize, Michele. I got irritated when you accused me of various things and reacted strongly.

That said, you do not know what is in my mind. I am not playing games. I am not deflecting. I have no phobias about my own beliefs. Sometimes I just choose not to engage further on a topic.

It’s fine, Reg. Your stupid belief is my entertainment and I would love to hear all of your self-imposed moral convictions or what guides your agnostic psyche.

Instead I will go surf knife videos on YouTube.

No! Come back and share. Haha!
I know one of your convictions is marital infidelity but that doesn’t really count because it’s one of the 10 Commandments. Claiming it as your own could put your faithless declaration in a precarious situation since the commandments came before you. I understand that creating your own standards with which you choose to live by can be a daunting task. I’ll wait. :eyes: