Drew Brees


He needs to apologize. The Left wants this man to apologize. They are going crazy.

Michele, you seem to think “the left” is some kind of unified movement that speaks with one voice. It is not. It is a collection of individuals, just as the right is. I don’t have any problem with this guy.

I think you misunderstand my point. A unified movement has infiltrated the Democratic Party. This is not about Drew Brees or your personal opinion of him. It’s the ever growing intolerance the Left has for anyone who displays outward signs of conservatism.

They call themselves Progressives but the only thing progressing is their hostility.

When the atheist and neuroscientist Sam Harris criticized Islamic doctrines on the Bill Maher show Ben Affleck replied, “That’s gross and racist.” When Harris criticized Christianity, no one said anything. It is completely acceptable to randomly attack Conservatives and Christianity when the goal is to suppress God in the world because the god of this world knows he has but a short time.

They experience anxiety and discomfort when exposed to views with which they disagree. Outbursts of emotional hostility overtakes them.

They consider themselves social justice warriors and one activist recently spewed his hate for our constitution with just 3 words. “Fk free speech”

Everyone needs to stop wearing red ball caps because red hats are scary. I know it sounds ridiculous but they will go to any length to shut down the conservative voice. Once they shut us down, they will turn and eat you and each other until their flesh has been satisfied. Population control.

Their hate-filled intolerance for all things conservative should be alarming but even as it gets progressively worse, those who disagree look the other way as if it’s okay as long as it doesn’t effect them personally.

This is dangerous ideology that is being fed by worldly powers and principalities.

In my eyes, because you are a progressive socialist, this is what you stand for. This is what anyone stands for if they align themselves with the Left.

There is a growing unified movement taking place on the Right. You will recognize it on Election Day when the map turns blood red.

Am I intolerant?

I believe everyone here is tolerant of progressive socialism and its agenda.

Specifically, this is a strange case as it is too early to tell if Brees is anti gay. It certainly seems like it here, but not from his track record. The saints have gotten screwed the last 2 years. Especially last year. Their coach is excellent, but I don’t think they will be as good this year. We’ll see.

I wasn’t aware you were monitoring football. I thought you abandoned it after Colin Keapernick was booted.

What difference does it make if Drew Brees is anti-gay?

I don’t really watch it much, so my opinion of how the saints will do means nothing.

I didn’t abandon after Kaepernick. You must be thinking of another liberal. We aren’t all the same. Football is getting boring. That is its biggest problem.

The game is played the same. What’s boring about it now that wasn’t boring before?

Rules have made it boring. The play has gotten worse. The Patriots were not that good last year and won the sb. The super bowl was very boring if you didn’t live in new England. The pace is a bit slower. Too many commercials. In 210 minutes of real time, the game is 60 minutes, but only 11 minutes is actually the clock running during play. Baseball has more real time play than football. In other words, Tom Brady only plays for 5 minutes of snap time in 3 and a half hours. The rest the clock is running with no plays running.

Oh. I guess I see your point. I record the games so I can fast forward through the commercials, excluding the Super Bowl.

So about Brees…

Is it a problem for you if Drew Brees is against homosexuality?

Sigh* It must be time to take a break so you three can discuss things amongst yourselves.

Ok so I think it would help to distinguish the difference between your personal belief about progressive socialism and those of these “social justice activists.”

You, Dan, always seem to have a calm disposition when discussing the issues. You also seem to be intolerant of sarcasm directed at you.

These Social Justice Warriors are intolerant of everything conservative. There is a definitive difference. They have a specific agenda and that is to shut down the conservative voice and dissolve the United States Constitution. Do you support these things?

Anti gay is a problem in general, yes.

Is it a problem for me? Well. Not personally. I will admit I look down upon homophobic bigots. I’m not sure he is, but it is likely. It’s one thing to overlook negative qualities in a person as you could choose to ignore the homophobe that Brees is promoting. It’s another thing to promote him and at the same time have an anti bullying campaign. It seems hypocritical.

As far as Drew Brees goes, I don’t know him and don’t really care about him before it after this.

Okay what you are saying is that he has no right to disagree with homosexuality.

Bullying is a whole different kind of issue and I support an accord to fight bullying globally.

I disagree with it. I find it disgusting and I hate that you demand I compromise my personal belief in favor of showing compassion on an immoral act.

Another break? Fine by me. Get your plan for the next conversation in order and I’ll be back.

Lol. What did I demand from you? Nothing. Ever. Nor Drew Brees.

Also my life does not revolve around you or bbad. This is not texting and instant messaging so it might be days before I respond.