Drew Brees

I also did not say that you or brees don’t have a right to disagree with homosexuality. I have my brain too and I’m allowed to feel about it how I do. It’s one thing to disagree with it and it’s another to promote it.

What’s your problem with homosexuality?

I agree with this. It also exists the other way around (right wingers having no tolerance for left wingers) but I admit the left is worse on this topic.

Free speech is dead. It has been systematically killed over the last 20 or 30 years, and right wingers are just as responsible as left wingers. The first big hit on free speech was your Patriot Act which was created by Bush Jr.

You live for labels. No matter what you choose to say, you cannot align me with anti-free-speech, anti-freedom movements, even if they exist primarily within the left wing. I am who I am, and that which I am is entirely unaffected (pro or con) by the labels you choose to assign me.

Good luck with that. I expect you to be quite surprised by the results, but I was equally surprised by the results in 2016 so I won’t gloat if I’m right this time.

I definitely feel your constitution should be dissolved. I realize it’s not my country and not my business, but I have the right to my opinion and my opinion is that it is a horribly out of date and out of touch document of no particular merit in today’s world. I wish the SJWs of your nation good luck in replacing it with a better document that guarantees medical care, food security and education to all.

Why isn’t bullying free speech? I’d also note that the Orange Idiot is the world’s biggest bully.

I will gloat. I will be the gloatingest gloater of all. My gloating may never end. I will be the greatest gloater ever.

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Tremendous gloating!

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No one will ever see more gloating than mine. Everyone will say so.

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I’m a homophobic bigot because I’m against homosexuality? You are demanding I come out as accepting of an immoral act or suffer a label.

I didn’t assign a label to you. You labeled yourself. How could I have labeled you progressive socialist if you had not planted the seed in another post about your political view.
Having said that, because you now imply you are to the right of progressive socialism, feel free to share your conservative views, if you have any.

A closet Democrat and friend to the Clintons.

You don’t seem to mind trumps immoral acts.

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You are unbelievable!!! I just described what they do and you support that? Insane!

There is some truth to this, but you take it too far. I have definitely called myself a socialist. You take this to mean I support x and y and z which I often do not. The label does not define me.

I believe in balanced budgets, which conservatives used to believe in once but now they just spend like drunken sailors and wait for democrats to clean up the mess when they get voted out of office. I believe in free trade which conservatives used to believe in before Trump. I believe in standards for education based on achievement, not participation or other feel-good crap, which conservatives still generally believe in (even though it’s a government program). I’m sure there are other things but those are three off the top of my head.

Game, set, match.

If it helps you any, I think our (Canadian) constitution is stupider than yours.

I didn’t demand anything from you. I just asked why you were against homosexuality, which you didn’t answer. I don’t really care though, actually.

Well that’s just silly. We were just talking back and forth and you just dropped the conversation but you can bet I won’t make that stupid mistake again. I believe it’s important that you take all the time you need to respond.

I don’t feel there is a need for me to align you with anything.

You clearly align yourself.

I wish you would tell me what immoral acts you are referring to because as far as I know, Trump is the most upright man in America.

For the second time, you made it very plain you look down on people who promote the belief that homosexuality is wrong.

You feel Brees is promoting anti-homosexuality and that offends you but homosexuals promote goober smooching and you support that? You are twisted in the head.

Then you haven’t been paying attention.

bearing false witness
theft of workers wages
enriching himself through his office
hiring illegal aliens
lusting after his own daughter

That’s a start.

Of course stupidity is not a moral flaw so he gets off free on that one as he does on ridiculous hair and being a disgusting fatbody.