Check out the part of the vid starting at about 11:00. Those roads are nearly impassable but she doesn’t even fuss.

She doesn’t spare the throttle either.

she was probaly saying “godverdomme klote modder” but the music covered it

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thats a lot of miles she has driven through many countries… living the life she wants, good for her!

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Two more chicks I respect. First, I don’t even know what this is. I have no idea who she is or why she’s riding like a lunatic through Mexico City but whatever, girl’s got skills.

Second is this chick riding her BMW F800GS through Africa. She’s less charismatic than Noraly, the other chick riding through Sudamérica, but her adventure is even more incredible.

This Polish/Aussie chick just did a video on how to prepare for a long bike trip. Interesting practical information. Honestly, it sounds like too much work for me. I can just fly there and get an Uber.

And here’s the Dutch chick again. She’s stuck in a Peruvian town, the only white person, and the locals think she has (or is in some way responsible for) coronavirus. She’s now desperately trying to get back to the Netherlands.

She must have a drone to take some of those shots with.

She does! She did a video on it a few months ago. She just added it on this trip to Sudamérica.

I dreamnt I was a yoga instructor at a yoga collegeafter a some terrible accident, actually I thought I dreamnt I was bikram.
Yes I know the spelling.

No just a really long selfie stick. Also functions as ant HF brb.

Part 2. I’m watching it now so I don’t even know how it ends yet.

lol ok enjoy!
i wont tell that the butler didnt do it in the study with a lead pipe;)

I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say it didn’t end with this video. There’ll be a part 3.

and a 4 and a 5 and a next series and a next series

Sure, the series never ends, but this little adventure will. She will either reach the Netherlands or not.

if she is really dutch she most definitely will;)

But will her bike make it too?

who cares, her sponsors will give her a new one if needed anyways

Does it help anyone in their dreams to keep packaged food with them in the bed, like noursihment in the dream world or protection from hungry dream spirits.

Dan, when you have dreams of yoga in speedos, do you keep a big muffin on your body for pleasant experience and attractiveness to others you see and meet in dreams? Do you balance the big huge muffin that can be shared with many others on your head throughout the dream yoga class, or where do you keep it at all times and do you notice it manifest as a spirit muffin when you are out of the dream?