I had the most wonderful dream last night. I was hanging out with a woman. She was very attractive. Not drop dead gorgeous. Very attractive. A big part of her beauty was her personality. We talked, we played chess, I copped a feel. I hope to dream of her again. Here is a song for her.


Can I bump this?

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Pretty song, I’ve never heard before. :revolving_hearts:

I know what you mean about dreams. Sometimes I wish they kept going. Of course, you could have a nightmare every night. I know some do.

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Speaking of nightmares, this used to be in my condo.

I have now been in my house for 22 months. It just did not go with any of the rooms. During the day, I have a lot of light in my bedroom. There really isn’t any other place to put it, except the guestroom. Well. I’m one of the few that like it. Anyways, I gave it to a friend. That friend is now divorced. Who knows where the painting is. Probably sold or destroyed by her ex. I probably would have sold it for 20 bucks if I did it over again. I did the right thing at the time but it didn’t work out. I have 2 dali painting to give away. Frames don’t work.

Somehow these made it to the side of the bedroom. I guess there was room for the nightmare, but not above the bed. It is just too dark of a painting for a happy place.

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Hey is that moses driving that train?

I bet mike pence would like that painting at the top there.



You like surprisingly dark art. I like happier stuff.

I like happy stuff, too.

I have this memory in my 20s and to this day I can’t tell if was a dream. I think I was roofied at one time. Nothing horrible longterm happened and days after that night I could remember details. I don’t remember too much of it anymore but it was something I tried to figure out for years if it was real.

We’re you sleeping face down and was the awakening a rude one?

This chick is my hero. She’s riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan across Sudamérica. Today she rode across Bolivia in rainy season.

I remember her. I like the sound of her bike.

I look at those roads she’s riding, especially the muddy ones washed out by rain, and I honestly don’t think I could’ve done those when I was 25. Today they’re just a pipe dream. If I rode Bolivia, I’d stick to the main roads.

of course you do, she is dutch! lol

Oh then should would blow me!

a dutch biker girl, you probably have to bend over and say thank you missus

Nobody’s perfect.

I would for her.