I’m no #metoo sympathizer, but this guy appears to be a POS.

That was mean. Here is his apology…

…and here is the video where he beat his woman.

I found it strange that he abused her without mercy and then publicly confessed to asking God for mercy, but, as far as anyone knows, only after the video surfaced.

Also, I watched the video of his brutal attack and I couldn’t help but notice she was barefoot. The other think that struck me as odd is that he was wearing socks but he wasn’t wet as if he had just came out of the shower a why was he running down the hall in a towel to stop her and why was he in a rage over her leaving. Of course, I have a theory lol. Drugs. Whether he was eating, snorting or shooting he was probably on something. Parasite!

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From what I’ve read, she was desperately trying to escape, barefoot, and he caught her and beat the excrement out of her. He’s a POS. So many men have been cancelled for nothing. Time to cancel this POS for actually doing something worth cancelling a person over.

Sure. What were you thinking? Two hot babes. One with herpes, the other with AIDS?

I would settle for “stop playing this idiot’s horrible music”.

I think 51.8% of all idiots have already stopped streaming.

The attack was very bad. I am well aware who P. Diddy is but don’t know any of his songs.

Me either, although I also don’t know any Taylor Swift songs.

I don’t either by name. I remember he was an awful rapper, so I might recognize.

The west coast really did have the east coast beat in the battle in the mid 90s there. We’ve got some advantages. Sports, comedians, closer to Europe. Snoop, Dre, Ice Cube, 2PAC were far superior to Diddy or B.I.G.

I would say 2PAC was quite overrated but the big advantage the west coast had was Dre.

I know one of her videos and except for the new album like her songs when I hear them she is very attractive and I like how her boyfriend wins Superbowls. I like how my FB friends complain when she is mentioned on the tv sports broadcasts.

Never knew a Dre song until 20 years after his murder some of the folks on YouTube laughed at that his movie about a junkie trying to get clean was decent. Closer to Europe? The east coast is closer to Europe than the land of NWA and Snoop good on him for quiting pot wish he would tell us why.

I’m surprised you like them. I don’t love rap in general.

I’m not sure if it was supposed to be funny, but “It was a good day,” was a riot.