Americans have a very hard time with death it seems to me. Their view of death is as skewed as their views on sex. Many people fight death (beyond having any quality of life) until they are completely hooked up to machines. To me, that is obscene

My father died a cowards death. In life he was a cruel man. In death he showed his true colors. He was as disgusting in his death as he was in his life.

Now someone close is on the verge and clinging to any possible hope. To what end?

Why can’t we accept death and embrace it with dignity?

You think my view on death and sex is skewed but you don’t even know what my view is. I saw what you could be facing last year when I was in hospital with my sister-in-law. It is horrific and I would rather you die than go through it.

He died without Christ! I don’t care how cruel he was, Wil. Someone should have called a preacher in to give him that eternal peace. It’s not like God was going to let him get away with bad behavior but now he is completely lost and that is heartbreaking.
Does your last video have anything to do with your dad and are you a musician? And if you are, you know I want to hear it.

Embrace death? You mean they way you embrace that bottle? And my view is skewed!

Eternal Peace! Who doesn’t want Eternal Peace?

Me. I would much rather be eaten by worms like everyone else, and I’m quite sure I’m going to get my wish.

PS to Will: I agree with you. I am not yet ready to die but that time will come and I fully intend to embrace it.

Edited to add: This said, I defend the right of others to cling to life if they choose, while not understanding their choice any more than you do.

Easy for you to say, Reg. You are not fighting for every breath. Wil must feel so very comforted by your reassuring words of hopelessness. :nauseated_face:

Reg doesn’t want to die but is more than willing to embrace what he is not ready for. :face_vomiting:

Don’t put me in a box with you. I understand completely why I choose Life. If you think you can somehow educate me, you do it but don’t think you know me better than I know myself.

You seem irritable this morning, Michele.

True. I am also not yet ready for lunch but will embrace it when that time comes.

What are you on about? I don’t seek to educate you, and I am certainly not putting you in any box with me. You make your choices, I’ll make mine. I don’t understand yours, and I doubt you understand mine.

It irritates me that you don’t care.

On about? You just tried to make people believe that I have no clue why I choose Life. Why don’t you stick to sharing reasons for death. Wil needs some kind of discouraging words from you right now.

I think you should re-read what I wrote. I don’t know how you’re getting this from my words.

What do you mean then?

I totally agree with Will (for the first time of my life).
Even Reg believes otherwise, we have to die in this age. If you fight it with pacemaker, blood pressure regulation, etc. you evade the simple, natural death reasons and subscribe to the complex, tricky ones being a vegetable on machines and or drugs. I see it in my family, too. It is a state of mind however

Would you explain briefly?
What is a courageous death then? Blowing youself up jihadi-style?

How to do that Will? My mom and I are the opposite of my grandpa who has been taking all suggested and available medicine. I’d just skip any life enhancement by also making a legal statement soon rejecting any form of life-support. I reject vaccines, pacemakers, blood transfer, etc… basically everything besides regular medicine and surgery.

If god calls me I would like to not refuse.

It is not only Americans. I guess it is similar in the entire west.
Is there a culture you have in mind for their different embracement of death?

Have you seen happy death day yet?

I’d rather not die at this point. I’m still useful. I have a curious mind and as long as it is, I’d rather live. The future is interesting to me. Less so lately though.

I am not sure how to state it more clearly but I’ll try: I defend the right of people like you to cling to life if you choose even though I don’t understand your choice any better than Will does.

It gets worse. I think that’s healthy. We become less and less interested in life as we age, which makes us more and more prepared for death. Given that we’re going to die regardless of how we feel about it, that’s a good thing.

I agree. I have no particular interests anymore other than reading. I rarely leave the house. I am ready when it is time.

I’m not!

I’m going to miss you!

Nice Chucky doll-death :wink:
No. I haven’t watched a movie since ten years apart from the Alex Joneses and religious stuff.
But it find it interesting: conciously reliving old days of your life.
Would you change much?
I don’t think I would apart from my misbehaviour from time to time and I’d totally dismantel religion and history class with my knowledge of now.

Do you run oxygen on 2?