Dear Fat People

This is now 3 years old. I still agree with it.

OMG! This hot dumb bitch is as shallow as they come. Dear God!!! Fat shaming doesn’t make a person lose weight. It’s nothing more than name calling and it is pathetic and I am completely unmoved by her rabid performance.

I’ve prayed for God to make me healthy. I’ve prayed for Him to do it for me so that it would be real and be permenant. I’ve never been an over eater but I love all the wrong foods. When I found out that they are injecting rat DNA and ecoli DNA into pork, I was disturbed because it’s biblical. I was in Colorado and God was putting me on a cleanse that I did not go out seeking. But I do not eat pork at all and thank God for doing the work because He certainly made it easy for me to resist bacon. Sugar does still taste like poison and I’m losing about 2 ounces a day but I’m not struggling with hunger and I believe God is going to put someone in my path that is going to show me everything I need to know about cooking healthy. Because, you know, that’s the awesome God I serve. You don’t have to believe in Him or in anything I say but I do not think I would be doing this by my own power as I have never, in the past, had any will within myself to resist things that taste good.

“Those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following one who is among those who eat the flesh of pigs, rats and other unclean things–they will meet their end together with the one they follow,” declares the LORD.
Isaiah 66:18

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3 years old and it still agrees with you…
Conclusion is that it is not fat at all. Just what did you get comfortable and fall in love with? Does it provide security and comfort like a leather cushion? Sounds very difficult to drop or give up. What would it mean if you did so?

The message I take from this video is, “The new culture of body acceptance is horrible and self destructive. Do not accept being fat. Take whatever action you need to take in order to fight this assault on your health.”

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You mentioned in another post it would be nice if the body could somehow simply jettison fat away at will. Can’t you simply push out a greasy 1 pound turd a day for the next 60 days or so? Should be easy for you to “lose weight” this way. Or what were you imagining…organic super hero webbing?

I’m not really doing it but thanks for your concern.

And Mark, since I know you like to talk shit, there’s not much waste this way. Most of the waste is in urine. Crazy, right?

“At will” was meant like volition. Not “at Will” as directed towards the individual who posts here.
Too much lust. Read your post over, it is consuming you.

I would probably decline attending if we all had a get together with a lawn party or backyard or park barbecue and you were showing up as well. What would we have to do? Bring wood stakes and chicken wire to enclose you and prevent you from scratching and sexually attacking us? I know the screaming would be shameful and humiliating.

I disagree! I think you would play host!

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top (because it has been made in his image).

However, try to keep the temple healthy regardless of size for our own well being.
Read Shelton’s books on food.

This is now 3 years old. I still agree with it.

You should NOT stop eating. That is a stupid idea. If you really want to improve your health REGARDLESS of being skinny or have extra love handles ;-), you might to learn how to eat right and support your digestion with eating habits. I try, too, even though I am far from perfect…

The skinny in the vid looks slutty and has wrinkles because of a shortage of fat.

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Please don’t recommend any more books lol

Thanks you, Daniel! God started this, God will see me through it. I trust Him!

Where have you been? For some insane reason I thought it was your birthday the other day. :thinking:

I think she looks good, and her message of not accepting your own flaws and trying to improve is excellent.

That megan trainor song is as bad as fat shaming. She refers to skinny girls as bitches. I never liked that song lol.

I love this song. Imho, her greatest music to date was made with John Legend.

I say as long as you are not overeating like German Youtubers Exsl95, Krobbas and Hans Entertainment, everything is good (shit, there are a lot of obese German youtubers…)

Those people could use some fat shaming.

Don’t you mean fat sharing?

Fake (fakeness) shaming in exchange for real fat…is that what you are proposing?

By the way Reg…sometimes I’m really powerfully flexy bendy and other times I’m harder than you can imagine. And I can vary more than all the lenses in your entire camera set.

What’s optimal for you percentage and compositon wise?

I’m very out of shape often times.

I think we all are, Mark. Except maybe Dan. He seems to never gain weight.