Dear Fat People


Oh, really?

Judge not …oh you both know the end to that Scripture.


I like you, Reg! I think you should update your photo.


I was just thinking about that this morning. I will try to do it this coming week.


Awesome! Are you still walking on that treadmill?


I exercise but not enough. I’m holding up ok for 53, though. Here I am 1 min ago on my balcony in a tiny village in Colombia.


Wow! You look awesome!


Nice view also


Do you know how I feel about you, Reg?


Yes, you think I’m a hellbound heretic but you put up with me anyway. :slight_smile:


You do know me well.


I have a song for you but I feel like you would probably not like me because I may be too forward about my feelings but I can’t help it


I would certainly want you to listen to the end.


How about you post it this weekend. I have to run out for a bit right now and can’t delay. You’re looking good in your own photos, Michele. Hopefully we’ll all keep fighting old age a bit longer. :slight_smile:


I will hold it in a little longer. I’ve been holding it in this long. And thank you!



If only more people would take up shaving as a hobby. :kissing_closed_eyes:


So I happened upon a true patriot. Made my heart jump a little lol

Edit: I did not know the photo didn’t upload. I took this on my way home from Colorado last week. I do not care how big she is, her smile made me smile and I love that. :revolving_hearts:


Breakfast! :cucumber:


That looks awful. What is it?