My plan is to stay isolated. Not much else I can do.

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I would if not for work. That’s all I do now is work and grocery shop every 10 days. And yoga. And the handmaid’s tale.

I’m casting about for a new series.

My cousin is selling her house. Here it is… her fiance is clearly rich. They lived in a church for 18 months. Too far from the city I guess.

Anyways, she is closing 3/31. I talked to her 3/15. She had not decided at that time if she was going to sell or store her furniture. Seriously? How are we related? I would have had that figured out 2 months ago. Anyways. 2 weeks is not enough time. So, today she decided to get a uhaul which she might have to rent for who knows how long since they are probably closed. We are getting 6 inches of snow. She’s moving into a furnished apartment. I’m guessing she will look for a storage unit. I have no idea where she is going to live for the next 9 days. I have a guest room but I doubt my wife wants them here. I only say that because of the pandemic. Not because of them. I’m afraid to ask them what their plan is as it seems to change daily. I just can’t believe we are related. This is something my wife and I are similar on. We plan ahead.

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What a story. You would think that someone who had the means to buy that church would have the wherewithal to figure things out ahead of time. Interesting.

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She would drive me crazy.

From the description: sunny open concept living area w/soaring ceilings (ARTISTS TAKE NOTE!).

lol Yeah artists, pony up 660K.

I just wonder if they are that oblivious and lackadaisical at work. Somehow, he makes a lot of money.

Why? Are you afraid they will say they don’t know and convict your heart to open your home to them?
Asking for a friend.

Nice house but there’s a creepy cemetery out back. Im surprised it sold.

They must have found an artist.

My wife doesn’t want any visitors. I’m not opening our house for that reason. So you are correct. I’m not asking.

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If you don’t feel led to open your home, no one is going to condemn you for it. Whatever you and your wife are doing is what you are suppose to do.

Keep us posted on their whereabouts.

Must be a very successful artist.

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Or more likely an artist who married someone with useful skills.


or a drugs dealer or someone who setup some businesses and let them go bankrupt 6 times?

Trump living in a church? Amusing idea.

I’m trying to up the exercise since I’m getting no “natural” exercise with all my usual walking now forbidden. We started the day with a 2 km walk around the conjunto. Then I did a few sets with my light free weights here in my office. I don’t have a weight machine or anything and the gym is obviously closed. About an hour ago I went for another 2 km walk. In half an hour we’re doing that horrible aerobics crap with that Youtube guy from Medellín. She’ll do 40 min and I’ll do 20 but I’m ok with that as I walked more than she did and did some weight training. We’re trying not to end this quarantine looking like the Goodyear blimp.

EDIT: I lasted 15 min and gave up. I hate aerobics but I admit they are very good for me.

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I’m actually in better shape than I was 2 weeks ago. I’m only working 40 hours a week and doing more yoga. I’m also nervous and the nerves seem to wake me up. Basically, I have to move.

Public school closed til May 3rd now.

I don’t really like aerobics alone.

I don’t like aerobics alone or with people but it’s amazing how good I feel after I do them.

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True. And they don’t make me sore the next day.