Life under curfew has been boring. We aren’t allowed to go out. Every morning we go for a walk in the conjunto (apartment complex). One lap is about 400 meters and we do 5 laps (about 2 km total). We walk fast so it’s a nice bit of exercise.

My woman has been training using Youtube trainers. This guy is her favorite, probably because he looks way better than I do. lol. He also lives down the street and you can see our apartment in many of his videos. I’m going to try training with her using this method tonight. We don’t have a lot of choices since we’re not allowed outside. The gyms in the complex are both closed, as are the pools.

We’re only able to eat what can be delivered. Mostly quinoa and tuna. We settled on that as it’s quite low cal and healthy. It’s already boring after a few days. I imagine it will be far more boring after three more weeks. Thank goodness home delivery still works.

We’re comfortable but bored. No complaints. Things could be so much worse, and they are worse for so many people who have no food and no options.

nice update!:wink:

It would be cool if others would post how life is for them. I don’t expect that from the fat Dutch bisexual but maybe the other normal people might share.

ok, not a nice update!:wink:
(only slaves and prisoners are locked up)

We are most definitely prisoners. Slavery might follow but we’re not there yet.

I see boredom as the biggest threat. We are taking the r/c car over to the deserted park later.

We have food delivered. We have board games and cards. We have movies and other streamed entertainment. We have a cat that amuses us. I am used to staying home all the time so it doesn’t bother me much. We can go for a drive if we like. I don’t feel like a captive and would have difficulty if some authority said I couldn’t take my truck out. I also follow a couple of pilots on youtube. 310 pilot is the name of one.

Youtube is really helping me get through this, too.

I am still working but it is just as dead. I did the summer schedule. I’m not technically the manager. Just acting, it seems. So I have stuff to do when most don’t. It will get ugly in a few weeks when techs are forced to use vacation.

My wife told me she will handle this better than me because I can’t sit still. She is right about that part but I’m more optimistic and am already handling it better. I’m not optimistic as far as the virus goes. Just more optimistic in general. I have an outlook that earth is amazing and how lucky I am to be alive, so I’m never pessimistic. Massachusetts is getting more strict with curfew as of today. It’s about damn time. Pretty crowded state. I have heard that the USA death total will be somewhere between 1.1 million and 2.2 million. Those numbers seemed lower than I expected since I figured only 60 million americans would get it but now I’m hearing half of the USA or 150 million will get it so the mortality rate must be lower than Italy here.

Yesterday I did yoga for 2.5 hours. I just got home from work and I guess I’m too hungry to do any.

My yoga studio is doing streaming classes. I do my own thing too. I’m looking forward to nicer weather. We do the hot tub too.

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Excuse the mess. I might get a bike or elliptical next to that couch. It’s an ugly place to put it but nobody will be coming over for months.


I don’t think it will be close to that. We’ll see.

My favorite youtube channels are…

Coffee Chess
Glen & Friends Cooking
The Detail Geek
Scotty Kilmer

I like Sydney Cummings for home workout. It’s probably a girly workout, but I don’t care. I can do it all at home. I don’t use her much. Maybe once a week.

I only heard that from someone that works with the Mass state epidemiologist and the number of deaths were based on % that gets it. Not mortality rate. So she said somewhere between 100 and 200 million. Thus the 1.1 to 2.2, which is roughtly 1% would die. According to the NY governor, 80% of the population will get it. I guess we will see.

NH had its first death, but I guess the guy was quite ill.

Sounds like curtains for me. I should run up my credit card bill. I don’t really need anything but I could ask the kids what they would like.

We are getting 3 inches of snow, so I can shovel to pass the time!

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Will. You will have a 99.7% chance of not dying from it.

Maybe I’ll hold off a bit then. lol

Worse case is 99.3%.

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lol. Well. You are in the bad age group for this, but these numbers are worst case, I guess.

I’m basing my guess on what has actually happened. Italy has 60 million people and have 5,000 deaths so far. Let’s say they end up with 10,000. The US has 6 times that many people which means they would have 60,000 if they have the same results as Italy. All indications are that Italy was badly prepared for this and that the US will have better results. China has 1.6 billion people and only 5000 deaths. By that stat the US should only have 1000 deaths.

My guess is the US will have under 100,000 deaths and my hope is the US will have under 10,000 deaths. I think it’s quite possible (but a stretch) that the US will have under 1,000 deaths.

I also predict the recession caused by our reaction to this virus will kill more people worldwide than the virus does.

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