China has banned it. India and others are talking about banning it. Now Biden might do something in that direction. Likely not a ban, but significant regulation.

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Wouldn’t that be wonderful. He would be our hero for his courageous stance. If only he could stand up to Putin and his drive to expose Biden’s pathogen spreading agenda.

Michele, this pathogen-spreading conspiracy theory is new and has nothing to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin never mentioned this as a reason. He only complained about Ukraine joining NATO. Even RT is not mentioning this as a primary motivator.

And yes, it would be good if the US banned crypto. I don’t expect them to, but it would be good.

I’ll settle for regulating it.

we aim to please

good enough for me

one wonders about motivation for an agenda to spread pathogens
is it because all the good child sex slaves are already taken?
anyway, congratulations on the correct use of the apostrophe to indicate ownership

I highly doubt that.

I doubt it, too, but it should happen imho. Every wholesale drug transaction is done by crypto these days. Every criminal enterprise moves its money with crypto. It is not in society’s interest to have a system where huge amounts of money can be moved anonymously.

yeah cuz when i buy drugs with cash, they make me show ID

I agree. Unless they give it to me. Then it’s fine.

That’s one theory but not a very good guess in my opinion. Perhaps you should pray and ask God to reveal the truth for you if you’re unable to disclose the truth with a logical explanation or facts.

word there
it means “reveal”
you meant “discover”
but you are stupid

You must be stoopudir. I meant reveal.

maybe gracie is dead
if so
i hope she died from pain
is that wrong?

Wow. That’s disturbing. Are you one of those kind of people that wants to suffer in death?

violent protests rock bitcoin

Since November, something like $1.5 trillion in cryptocurrency value has been erased. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the market’s bellwethers, are both down about 60 percent from their peaks. And most strikingly, the so-called stablecoin Terra and its sister token, Luna, which together were valued at about $60 billion six weeks ago, imploded in a matter of days and are now essentially worthless.

So true. My Robinhood account is near bankrupt. I invested in Shiba Inu just before the crash. I don’t even have enough left to invest elsewhere so I guess I’ll ride it out to the end.

this is corn