Your entire reasoning is based on " just in case" lol?

Michele, I was not serious about throwing this guy in jail because he calls himself Young Thug. I do think it’s likely that he’s guilty based on reasons explained earlier by Dan.

Yes, I know but I didn’t really understand him and he didn’t reply.

The only person arrested was the homeowner.

They haven’t found the suspects that fled yet.

Is that an arrest if you go to the station and they fill out a police report? Is he behind bars? Has he been charged?

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That’s a good question. I read nothing about him being arrested. I might have missed it as I’m on my phone, not my computer.

Same. I thought maybe the title of the article was misleading, but the title doesn’t even say he was arrested.

I just reread it. No arrest.

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You’re right. He wasn’t arrested. He was unnecessarily taken to the police station where he was questioned and released. I’m just waiting to see if they take away his right to bear arms the way they did with the other man who defended himself and family.

Unnecessarily? I would assume that would happen every time you kill someone in your home? They might have even asked him if he needed to go to the hospital. I’m sure it was traumatizing.

Seems logical to go to a police station after something like that, unless he needed medical attention.

It is absolutely standard procedure to take the guy who killed another person to the police station and get a statement, and maybe even hold him for awhile as you check out his statement for validity. This is true anywhere, in any civilized country. There’s nothing here.

That’s not true, Reg. The person in the water with Obama’s chef, Taylor, gave her statement in Obama’s office with Obama present. Nobody, to this day, has ever been taken to the police station in that case. Justify that.

Do you think this mother should be imprisoned for her sons crime?

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I just heard about this. I would say yes, but only because of how easy he stole the gun, not because they didn’t get him help. If he broke into the neighbor’s house, stole a gun and shot up the school, then I would say no charges for the parents. There’s a lot of parents, some single working 2 or 3 jobs and it is not possible for them all to get their kid help. They can all keep firearms away from them. There’s no excuse for that.

If this is the same case, his father will also be tried. Separately.

Would you say charges to the neighbor for their irresponsiblity in leaving their own firearms accessible?

BS! That implies a job is more important than a child’s mental stability. The number one job of a parent is the care of their child.

Simplistic judgmental nonsense. Parents have to put food on the table first. Millions of people struggle to do that. Mental health is a luxury not everyone can afford.

Oh, I’m sorry my answer doesn’t measure up to your psychosis.

She was found guilty. I have no idea if this is the right call. I’d rather find politicians guilty for not controlling guns, but this may not be a bad compromise. I don’t know.