What part do you play other than the “silent observer”?

30 years? I’m not pro-rape or anything but I don’t see how people get a few years for manslaughter and 30 years to life for rape. This sentence is more than you’d get for first degree murder here.

It’s fair. Perhaps the sentence for manslaughter should be reviewed.

Remini wrote. “While Danny was the only one sentenced, his conviction and sentence are indictments against Scientology, its operatives, and its criminal leader, David Miscavige.”

The Church of Scientology threw Masterson under the bus to save themselves.

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The Church of Scientology is a fraud and a farce. It stuns me how many rich but stupid actors are involved in that cult.

Perhaps Leah Remini prayed and asked God to reveal their sins in front of the world.

Never doubt God. He will do it.

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I admit she is doing good work exposing the many sins and crimes of Scientology, but I continue to feel this is extreme. A swarm of teenage girls kills a 50 year old immigrant taxi driver, leaving his wife and children destitute with no income or support, and the little harpies get 2 years in juvie of which they serve one at home. This guy is a pig but he is not 30 times worse than those girls. He is not even 1 x worse.

I said perhaps she prayed and asked God to expose their sins. Geez, you just can’t give God the glory for anything, can you! It’s okay. I have enough faith for both of us and I can assure you, Reg, Leah Remini is just a vessel, albeit an outspoken and strong vessel, but she doesn’t have great powers to bring down justice on a man in such a powerful organization. I’m not trying to take anything away from her. She has been a loud voice that perhaps did alert authorities.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll try to search Google later or tonight unless you care to share.

I imagine it’s the type of crime he committed.

Right. Reg probably thinks murder is worse than rape.

I would agree that murder is worse. I think it’s the worst thing you can do.

Correct, I think murder is worse than rape. I don’t mean to minimize rape with that statement.

I disagree. One effectively destroys the mind while the other effectively destroys the body.

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Opening arguments began yesterday in the racketeering trial of rapper Young Thug, who faces allegations his record label, YSL, has operated as a criminal street gang for a decade. I would normally ignore a trial like this on the assumption they are probably guilty (yeah, I know that is reflective of some kind of bigoted, racist view but I don’t care what people think about my view) but the case was launched by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, a bad person, which should be a red flag to anyone, especially since she plans to use the lyrics to some of his songs as evidence against him and imo, that borders on infringement of his first amendment rights.

MAGA is totally a cult.

You could agree with someone on 99% of things, but if they don’t like Trump, it doesn’t matter.

I just finished the Wire. It ended 15 years ago. After seeing what it takes to charge a gang, yes I would agree that he is guilty without knowing the case yet. It took years to charge someone on that show and it wasn’t even real.

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MAGA is 100% a cult. Agreed totally. And if the choice was put to people between Jesus Christ and Trump, most would choose Trump. Sycophantic lunatics.

Anyone with that name should probably be thrown in jail just in case.

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Cult is a strong and misleading word so I can see how you might use that here. It is cultish behavior to focus all time and energy on destroying a persons life for questioning an election.

I’m not disagreeing with you since most gangs do have a reputation for using drugs and guns as tools to accomplish their objectives, but what makes you think he’s guilty when he hasn’t even presented his case before the court? I would also encourage you to be sensitive toward them and have compassion because many of them have been abandoned, gangs are their only known family and they have been poorly educated. I’m not upholding criminal behavior but when the prosecutor is of questionable integrity, gang members appear innocent.

That’s almost comical, Reg. You open your stinky mouth and spew untruthful words of denial that Jesus even exists and then accuse people of putting faith in a living, breathing individual over a “nonexistent” person. You’re wishywashy and that invalidates your point.

Is it a crime to call yourself Young Thug if you acknowledge you are a young thug?

So when Jesus says love thy neighbour and Trump says thy neighbours are rapists, who do you believe?

It’s not a crime. It’s indicative of a certain disregard for the law that I find telling.


Disregard for the law is a crime, isn’t it?

No. Acting on that disregard can be a crime.