I’ve used Craigslist as a free junk pickup service for years. This is how I do it. I just posted this.

Looks heavy.

That’s why I want free junk removal. lol.

Reg you have mail under “sure”.

Wow! That’s really nice looking junk, Reg. What a waste!

It’s not a waste. I need the space for a desk for the woman. Normal evolution. Let someone else have the stuff that was there.

Any luck?

I’m amazed at how much stuff is on marketplace that doesn’t have the dimensions listed. Especially furniture. Some photos it is very difficult to tell.

You’re right, Reg. One man’s trash…

Who cares if disposal is the only charge?

Who cares? The person picking it up. If you are getting furniture, wouldn’t you want to know the size?

I’m not talking about Reg’s listing. That has dimensions. I’m talking about someone listing a buffet or barstools with no dimensions. I don’t care if they are free. If I can’t tell the size from the photo, I’m not interested.

6200 dollars. 26% off. Too expensive. If it was $62, I might consider it.

What are the measurements?

That’s beautiful but I agree, too expensive.

Lol Will. Good question!!

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This is what I did with the space I freed up by giving away that storage cabinet. Erika’s new not very big office. lol.

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Looks bigger than it did when the box was there.

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How does she like Canada?

She loves it to my dismay.

I can see the climate change dilemma. She loves your home country. You love hers. You may have to compromise like Angie and Will. I don’t envy you. Where on earth are you going to find the perfect combination of seasons?
Btw, it’s a beautiful space and I love the wall art.

You could move in between vancouver and colombia. Say, Oklahoma?

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Great idea Dan!

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