I don’t know why the ban and punishment for some simple virus that has the potentialto cause pneumonia. How many asthmatics have died forced to breathe second hand cigarette smoke in apartment buildings? I suffered for years as a nonsmoker. All I got was regard that I was gentically inferior and weak. Never saw anyone doing much breathing work. Nowhere near what I do. Somepeople do the same with excessive colognes and body odor fully knowing that. I get the saem smirk and giggle that it’s just too bad because I’m genetically weak and inferior and less powerful.

They seem to unable to face something…fear maybe.

I mentioned before about peanut allergies and people who are possibly incontinent. When a smoker lights up around me they pretend I smell like shit, like I have a diaper or they are covering up my smell because I don’t know how embarrassing it is.

That seems very, very, hard towards me.

Looks like the Olympics are still on. The Japanese are so smart they made the athletes village out of wood that can be recycled.

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I think we were smarter. In Vancouver we got developers to build the entire thing for free in exchange for permits to build. After the athletes were done, they sold the condos at huge profits. Everyone won.

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interesting, there are 5 dutchies on board and dutch news reports that so far 1219 out of the total 3700 were not tested and we dont want our people back yet

at least the cooks are still dancing… nice clip there;)

Interesting. I am interested in:

  1. Seeing if this treatment can actually halt the spread of this virus.

  2. Seeing how long it will take for lunatic antivaxxers to spread conspiracy theories on the internet about how this is all a government plot to poison us.

I think this virus is taking out people with the AIDS virus. Thus they say he/she died of corona virus not died of AIDS virus. They would say the same if people who died with pneumonia who had AIDS

We’re now over 2000 dead. Over double that of SARS. Still nowhere near the Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak in 2009 which killed over 200 thousand.

People are escaping quarantine in China which makes me want to rant about them because of their foolish irresponsibility toward the world.

Michele if you died of pneumonia it would probably not be reported to the media as HIV complicated pneumonia.

I don’t trust figures and statistics but reported 75%+ will develop PCP ( pneumocystis carinii pneumonia) without preventive treatment. Maybe the drugs are weakening the immune system and the immune system is relying too much on drugs so they are letting things go.

How would you feel about an HIV/AIDS quarantine?

At the height of the AIDS epidemic, I sometimes wondered if that would have been sound. HIV infection rates are way down, however, and it seems unnecessary now.

Any deadly airborne disease that has the potential to spread like fire undetected for any length of time should be quarantined. :roll_eyes:

AIDS is not contagious. If you don’t understand it, you should probably quarantine yourself until you educate yourself about it.

Of course AIDS is contagious.

sure, but there are many ways of being quarantined, for example those that were being locked up on that cruiser ship… how many would not be infected if they were quarantined separately?

hiv is contagious , but the vast majority of your daily activities pose no risk of hiv transmission. only certain body fluids — blood, semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, and breast milk — can spread hiv . it can’t be transmitted via saliva, sweat, skin, feces, or urine.

Gross Dutch pervert.