Coronavirus is now affecting oil. I said peanut oil in woks might be affecting the coronavirus in another post. I’m using my WW app again, this is the worng oil and too much of it. Not 1 tanker to 1Tbsp.

Fecal-oral transmission finally mentioned not confirmed yet.
Maybe eating from the toilet to act tough, immune, or because you’ve bceome so numb.
Maybe it actually means fecal matter being moved up the intestinal tract to the stomach and back up to the mouth. Some people have had some areas removed and have very short digestive systems. 1 meter vs 10 meters will make you look slimmer.

Prayer candles despite the warm glow light which causes the the face to wax full like the moon and just build up wax on the face can seriously aggravate the condition and breathing and coughing terrible. But then again if your face is falling off and you can’t even maintain a gumline are youusing the lungs as second and third stomachs to kepp all the weight? Eating and watching how you eat is probably the answer and fat.

I have no intention of bringing you fun girls down. I just thought I would share the potential reality of this virus.

interesting; from pangolins being the source to pipes spreading the virus
seems like everyone is just guessing

Disgusting. Apartment dwellers everywhere should be prepared uproot their lives and bug-out.

Agreed totally. Always be prepared to leave quickly. This is true for everyone, not just apartment dwellers. In the course of a long life, a wise man must be prepared to abandon his baggage several times.

Oh, right. Wise words, I‘ve read somewhere before, I think. I forgot to include condo and townhouse dwellers. :grimacing:

and freeloaders, thieves and other criminals;)

I read them first from Heinlein, but he claimed they were an old Chinese proverb if I recall correctly.

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lol that guy should speak a little quicker

oh wait was this a private conversation again? (even if this is the only topic i created i dont mind leaving you alone for a few lol)

apparently its not political correct to call it coronavirus anymore

I remember now. You posted it in a conversation with Daniel.

Interesting. An event in Spain has been cancelled because of Coronavirus fears. 6000 Chinese nationals were expected to fly there. The effects of this virus are not in any way limited to China.

Singapore now has 58 cases. Malaysia has 19. The US has 15.

The World Rugby Sevens championship has been postponed.

Citizen journalists in Wuhan are disappearing. The Chinese government doesn’t like bad press.

I’ve been following these two guys for years. A yank and a South African living in China, often riding motorcycles. They claim the virus is at least an order of magnitude worse than is being reported.

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6.5% of the world is under lockdown due to Coronavirus.

Nobody is mentioning if the people who have died have A.I.D.S. or not.