I might start updating my picture more often because, to be frank, I have very little else to do.

I imagine with each passing day, we’re going to start seeing more of the cost of quarantine.

Malaysia of all places is infected with Corona hysteria, too? Has the whole world gone crazy?

I just watched Trump live. He is a vaxxer. Such a disappointment. First congratulating homos for their soddomite activity, now he might be a vaxxer.

This is the end-of-times folks. I am left speechless. I am done. I am tired. I will watch the Malay advise tomorrow…

You seriously have to ask that?

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oh how the mighty have fallen

Trump’s been talking about vaccines for coronavirus for ages. He even predicted they’d be ready quickly. Surely this isn’t news to you.


He’s always been a vaxxer. At least since he’s been president. Could be to piss off the Californians.

Pretty much everyone in the works except for you believes the virus is real. That includes Malaysia.

I don’t follow Malaysian news closely but my mother does and she told me they’re talking about making vaccinations mandatory there with no exceptions permitted short of leaving the country permanently. They haven’t implemented it yet but their medical association supports the idea from what I just read.

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Sounds like a great idea to me. If you don’t care about your fellow citizens, I don’t care about you. Leave. One way ticket to wuhan.

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Looks like the Dutch gave in and are locking down.

thats old news, but yes more and more shops closed; yesterday i was in my little shopping centre and about 3/4 is closed now
there are still some restaurants, supermarkets and shops open, surprisingly even starbucks where it was quite busy

guess when you call it a lunch bar or a coffee diner or whatever then its not a restaurant lol

personally i rarely miss a shaving day, but i did notice a lot of people walking around with “lazy corona beards”… surely this evil practice should be against the law now?! lol

This can’t be true. I heard the stubborn Dutch were going to have herd immunity.

Food shortages are becoming more than just a prediction or possibility. I think there is enough food. It is just an understanding problem with people constantly demanding food to show they are alive because they are self-conscious of their own appearance of lifelessness. I don’t want to see somebody looking like a play/rewind over and over on some vcr tape and saying “look healthy, hungry” while supposedly swallowing the food.

There are actual needs for food and water, but these have been overdemanded for due to overestimation of actual self need. It doesn’t convince me one bit to see somebody eat food that they are not in enough waste elimination and breathing debt that it makes difference.

The food problem could be solved a lot easier if some “stiffs” would stop setting themslves up propped up in front of plate of veggies or fruit. You have to be honest about how long your organs and functions have been shut down. If the ego can be set aside, then this crisis could be alleviated much sooner with much less strain.

If something within you that is considered a normal and essential life function has stopped for an extended period of time, most likely it is going to hurt to start it up again. That means pain. It does not mean dumping a bunch of ice cream in a good set of working lungs to avoid that.

And it means work. Only 20% that come off ventillators live. The ventillator is an easy time until death.

we will get our herd immunity but at a slower pace because unfortunately not all dutch are that stubborn…

our government stated early march already that herd immunity was never the main goal but that keeping the virus under control is the main focus

when the number of infected dont go down quickly enough you get pressured by other governments and some extra measures are taken

and yes a complete lockdown could also happen if/when the number of infected keeps growing and the hospitals get almost full