He has billions of people bashing him daily. I doubt he cares about the 2 of us.

I took zinc for a few months for hardons. Did nothing. Cialis is my friend. I know, tmi.

You mean master-beet?
Is this what they packed into the “Canadian stimulus package”? LOL

  • Likely real (* panic * !!)
  • Virus exists, but likely overdone. This flu is given way too much attention.
  • Like fake * yawn *

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Do you think as of now if this Corona virus thing is true or just staged for whatever reasons.

Wow. You really love nothing don’t you.

Not when you put your tail between your legs before rebelling.

They don’t care.

I just heard orange juice treats the flu and viruses like Corona.

Judging from the things I have heard here, he probably cares for you more than you care for yourself.

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I’m not sure how you got that from what I wrote, but whatever. Would you comply, Michele?

are you talking about the pom again?

Sorry. I overreacted. No, sorry. I love my life more than I trust my government. But that’s okay, I think. I mean, I know it’s selfish to resist the very thing that would protect others from exposure but then if I catch it, I’m more than willing to wear a mask until I’m well so I see no need to be so submissive to corrupt governments.

You obviously cannot improve your health in any way and are currently at maximum health, 100%.
I’m at about 1%. People always try to convince me I’m too scared to take a health hit or I’m always high on the health. They call me rich or money loaded. Also about the food. Sometimes I eat a meal and people say oh my god enough for a whole family despite themsleves eating the same amount as an individual. Then of course then crash my heart and lungs like enough for a whole building or hospital.

You need to not be an obstruction to health or life levels if you are already getting 100% of your maximum capacity.

Of course you will probably go smoke cigarettes “to make it better for all of us”. The problem is the htreat of stronger more powerful health. It is obviously not you and somebody is already struggling. No your cigarette smoking never helped in any way or form. If you get too scared, stop thinking you are other people.

If you are on somebody’s health, get off that person’s health. Don’t smoke and drink to increase health burden and load at your weak and failing capacity to feel more significant.

Pain everywhere for me. Maybe from last night’s workout. Time for landscaping. At least I have tonight off but back to work tomorrow.

Sad to say, but most likely true that everyone suffering from this virus/disease was at some time, and for an extended duration, overly empowered. Be empowered to take charge of their household or finances, be a first responder, or just victim empowerment, or lazy benefit collector.

People need a time out to power down. It is too much power to do anything beneficial or at their actual individual work capacity. Making people look superhuman in performance was a very bad idea when they were actually not.


Sound policy


This thing just changes every day here. We just ordered amplification reagent from quidel. It is 32 dollars a test. We still need a way to extract the DNA before amplifying it. The plan was to extract it the same way we extract HCV. It’s kind of an open system since hcv isn’t airborne. So we would probably have to wear a suit at times and there is also the risk of contaminating the whole lab. Well. As of yesterday, according to quidel we might not have to extract at all. And today I got an email from my rep for our chlamydia/gonorrhea/trichomonas instrument that they will have a covid assay in 4 to 6 weeks. So my guess is we will do quidel for 2 or 3 months and then switch over.

I’ve been told there have been a decent amount of false negatives by PCR and the number 1 reason is poor collection/transport.

Hopefully you won’t have to suit up.

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I don’t know what much of that means but yes, hopefully you won’t need to wear biohazard gear.


I’ve been googling. lol

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Nice picture Reg!! I need a haircut before I update lol.