Let’s all bow down and pay homage to the crown. I actually believe they will try to mandate this. Maybe to see how obedient we will be. Imho, it’s not necessary for everyone to wear a mask if people who are actually sick and running fever wear one.

I have no trouble at all with the idea of mandating that people who are sick need to wear masks.

EDIT: I would also comply with such a law when I get sick.

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Would you comply if it was mandated for the healthy?

who determines who is healthy or not?

I suppose

I would because I wouldn’t want to get arrested, but I would not support such a law.

If they offer you a vaccine and mandate it, would you comply because you don’t want to get arrested?

reg would run around outside in his underwear if that didnt get him arrested…

I’m agreeing with you. I probably would comply with the mask but don’t you have a boundary you aren’t willing to allow man’s law to cross?


lol he failed that one

speaking for myself.

No he didn’t. It’s difficult to make that choice when you are responsible for another person.

Okay, I guess I’ve crossed a boundary too. See ya.

lol patience is a virtue, who exactly are you asking?

I thought she was talking to Reg.

ditto lol

@reg wake up and answer ageofgrace, she feels left out

I would probably comply because I wanted to but yes, I would also not want to get arrested.

And Nico will post bold nonsense and beat his breast on the internet and then go and meekly comply with the law as well.

Sure. We all have our limits. Very few of us know what those limits are until we encounter them, no matter what brash nonsense we post on the internet about “what we will do if…”.

lol not everyone can be a rebel

I wish I could notify President Trump about you bashing the president. He surely would teach both of you a lesson!

I just heard on infowars that zinc of all minerals should be able to treat viral desease like the so called Corona virus desease.
And that the vaccine might cause brain damage like the H5N1 vaccine (which would explain all the brain dead lemmings and SJW soy-boys that came up afterwards).
But guess what? No vaccine - no business! So they will not show you alternative methods of treatment (ZINC censorship).

But You believers take your vaccine. I will take ZINC aside from a healthy diet and prayers!