Cop gets manslaughter charge for killing black man in his home


We don’t know that. Only that the neighbors heard screaming and knocking at his door, before he was shot.


So you think murder charges are appropriate for what “we don’t know?”


Yep. That’s why there is a trial. If someone is screaming into someone’s door from a hallway, goes in and kills them, that should be a murder charge, not manslaughter.


Did you hear man’s laughter?


Update on this:


Thanks for the heads up.


In Texas no less.


You’re welcome! If you run now, the pain you feel will be like being thrown from the top of car. Minor scratches and scrapes. Maybe a little light bruising. But you are young! You will heal with only a couple of mental scars that I doubt you will even remember existed, until I die and you are forced to think about all that you watched me go through.