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Many of the news links in the CNN feed have been broken lately. This isn’t my fault. They include a “link” field which is simply populated with wrong data if the link is in their “collections” area. Anyway, I found it annoying enough that I re-coded the BBAD end to just go to their home page if the link includes the word “collection”. If you click on a story and it just sends you to the CNN home page, now you know why.

Thankful no server issues like you used to have when you had your previous business.
I remember your short circuit that killed your switches and oh yes whatever or whoever tried to falsely point authorities your way or cast a shadow on you about some storage issue?

Amen to that. In 2005, I thought opening a data center would be easy money. It was money, but there was nothing easy about it. After a decade in the frying pan I couldn’t be happier to be out of that business.

I need to talk to you soon. You may have severed the “faulty internet link” but the uglier human link remains.

I’m happy to talk, Mark. Go on Zello. Most people there are too polite. You’d be a fun change.

I doubt it. This is about having to get all trussed up with somewhere to go.

Open channel with strangers? Drop with the over aggressive networking agenda. I have enough associates as is.

Zello was your idea, Mark, not mine. So was talking. But fine, suit yourself.

The CNN feed has become trash. If they seriously think “CNN’s Brianna Keilar responds to White House attack” is a top world story, their priorities are different from mine. I’m going to look for alternatives in the coming days.

Do you have politico? I can’t see the news feed at all on my phone. Which is fine. I agree that cnn is awful.

Turn your phone sideways and you’ll see the feeds. I was thinking maybe PBS. I want a US feed for sure. We have Canada, Aus, UK, Germany, Qatar and US which I think it is a nice cross section. The Aussie feed has been stupid lately but the CNN feed has just gone to absurd levels. I used to trust that company. Now it’s just editorial trash. I could see possibly adding Russia and China. That might be worth looking into.

PBS is good. I didn’t realize cnn was the only usa one until now. You could always stick it to the righties and go with Huffington post. I used to read Reuters. I like PBS of all the choices though.

I stopped listening to npr after Bernie lost the primary in 2016. My main reason for despising cnn was their treatment of Sanders. NPR didn’t treat him very well either.

Aljazeera is probably the best news link you have there.

I did it. CNN has been replaced by PBS which I should have done from day one. CBC, ABC, BBC and DW are all official government news agencies. PBS fits better.

I’d like to replace ABC next. It is stupid and gossipy. It was fun to make fun of the Aussies but they don’t come anymore so we should get a serious news agency there. I’ll keep my eyes open for something good.

I agree about Al Jazeera.

Ok I’m done with ABC. They appear to think “Doug isn’t supposed to be allowed to gamble. The ABC watched on as pubs let him play the pokies” is world news. Replacing them with RT for now. RT gets a lot of crap as a propaganda wing of the Russian Government. That may or may not be true but let’s find out and judge for ourselves. If it turns out to be mierda, I’ll replace it.

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Playing with the news feeds for a few min. Ignore anything odd. I’ll be done shortly.

Ok I’m done. I added a “Show News” button for when you’re viewing on a phone. You just refresh the page to get rid of the news when you’re done. If you’re viewing on a laptop/desktop, the new button is not visible because you always see the news on a laptop/desktop.


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Just curious, does anyone miss ABC or CNN? I don’t. I feel slightly bad that I am going to devolve into ignorance about Australian politics but really they’re less important than Poland worldwide and I know nothing about Polish politics.


What is RT?