Clinton body count


No dear, it’s your buddy Obama and the Left. Trump is trying to stop it.


The left already uses basketball to push its agenda. Lebron endorsed Clinton. You almost never see that from athletes. The NBA, not that it could, had no problem with it. The NBA could not get much more left.


That’s why they are thriving. A Leftist Media works nicely for a Leftist sport.


I don’t get too fired up over this kneeling topic. Only if someone thinks they care more about our country than I do, because I support the kneeling. They are entitled to that idiotic opinion.


They certainly have a right to do it but, imho, it just feels incredibly disrespectful to those who go out and fight and risk and sacrifice their lives for us.


OK. That’s not their intent. There are a lot of veterans that support them. Lots of opinions on it though. Which is fine. It’s just too bad their are buffoons that purposely make it a bigger issue than it should be.

The NFL has handled it horribly. They have lost respect on both sides. From the both of us I would imagine in how they have handled this.


It may not be their intent but the Media has latched on to it and now we have lost the right to hear the Anthem on ESPN. Next it will be the local channels and eventually they will stop playing the Anthem all together. We can stop acknowledging any kind support for country or military man.
You are right! This is becoming a very big issue and if the NFL had slapped Kaepernick with a fine a double fine and suspension, this would not be happening at all.


Years go by and nothing ever happens to her. She never faces the consequences for even one crime against our great people. And there are so very many. But that’s ok. If no one holds her accountable in this life, God will hold her accountable in the next. :frowning:


Blame her for your cholesterol, she looks like she eats a lot of butter.


It would be my great pleasure since she is probably behind the poisoning of our food too.


Someone just sent me this. FF thru the silly song if you want. This video shows a little about Q.