This same “patriotic” woman that ran for President is discouraging patriotism in America and encouraging rebellion against our great nation. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the wisdom to vote against her.

How is kneeling during the anthem unpatriotic? Is kneeling in church rebellion against God?

One should stand proud for the flag and humbly kneel for the Lord.

Says who? I didn’t read that in the Bible. If these are traditions of men, other men can change them.

Your ignorance is staggering.

And your ignorance is heartbreaking😕

I never said it was in the Bible. Standing for the flag is tradition and if man can change the Law of God, then man can certainly change tradition but going to ones knees for the Lord is not tradition. It’s an uncontrollable response to His presence every time.

Ok, but let’s stay focused on the kid kneeling during the pledge of allegiance who you take such offense at.

This kid knelt during this pledge, in violation of a tradition made by men. The pledge only came into existence in 1892, well over a hundred years after your nation came into existence. If one group of men can create this tradition, obviously other men can change it. Why exactly should this kid feel obligated to abide by a tradition created over a hundred years before he was born, by men a hundred years after your nation was formed?

Well first it represents our patriotism just as taking off a mans hat is but if she wants to kneel, she can. And if Clinton wants to encourage that, she can also but it is against what we stand for. This is not really an issue of patriotism or the causes she was kneeling for. It’s always about Donald Trump.

Why do Liberals think the only way to express concern for an issue is to kneel for the flag? Does that really do anything for the cause? Doesn’t the message get lost in the patriotism issue and trickle down to the real issue which is all things against Trump who is patriotic? Why can’t the child go out and make money and donate to the cause? Why can’t she coordinate a Run or fundraiser? Why disregard the spirit of pride in our great country to make a statement? And why does Clinton encourage it?

So many incorrect points.

  1. Kneeling is not about Donald Trump. Colin Kaepernick first knelt for the anthem long before Trump was elected. Trump is a fool who is making this a big issue, and it is true that most who kneel dislike Trump, but it is not fundamentally about him.

  2. Liberals do not “think the only way to express concern for an issue is to kneel for the flag”. They protest in many ways, including but not limited to filling the streets of NYC around Trump Tower.

  3. It is not against what the US stands for. It may be against what Trump supporters stand for.

  4. The message is only lost among Trump supporters. The message is clear to the rest of us.

  5. Why? To express defiance and resistance to the direction the US is currently taking. Much like your founding fathers did 200+ years ago against the British.

What is heartbreaking is the indoctrination in stupidity this poor child of yours receives daily.

That was rooted in our religious rights. This is rooted in rebellion.

You are right. All of this is stupidity to some degree so I choose to spend the little time I have with her sharing the love and sacrifice of God with her. I know I don’t have to tell you how important it is to share His love with the next generation. I mean…you do tell your grand babies about Jesus don’t you?

They have never asked.

:flushed: Huh? They don’t ask because they don’t know. That’s your responsibility!!! They need to be told or someone will come along and tell them about another god that doesn’t save.
Someday, if you don’t tell them, they will question why you didn’t love them enough to tell them the Truth about the punishment Jesus suffered for their precious souls.

It is certainly NOT my responsibility to promote your God to my grandchildren. I am certain beyond a doubt that some rabid bible thumper such as yourself will tell them about Jesus. It is up to them to believe it or not.

Actually it IS your responsibility. Otherwise, I’m inclined to believe you care not about their soul.

The things you are inclined to believe defy credulity, therefore I don’t give a damn what you believe.