Climate Change

In the last 7 days Orlando’s electric company (city owned) has pumped out two record breaking days of supplying the juice. The two highest days ever. It is hotter here than ever and July and August are firing up for a record run. Personally, it could kill me.

Now I am researching propane powered backup generators. Just to live through summer. There will come a point where it might be better to just evacuate, take what we can and hope the looters don’t trash the place too badly.

It’s on the way boys and girls and it’s coming fast. At an exponential rate.

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You call that news?

No but it pisses me off so I posted it. Stupid orange fool is going to ruin the planet.

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I think we’re too late. Feel bad for my kids and grands

Cry me a river you tit. It’s been raining here since last July and feels like I’ve died twice already.

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You fell for that substitute religion, too? Hahaha. No surprise for me. Godless leftist are likely to be the first to fall for the new “world religion” induced by satan and the UN.
Punishment by fire, not flood, is coming, that is true so far, but it is because of the HUMAN SINS reaching high heaven again, not because of some stupid molecule.

I feel bad for Your brains.
Lake of fire will be hotter BY A LOT.
Turn and repent!

Love Trump’s hate!
You fell for Saint Greta, too? Noooo, not Reg!
One week of summer and they’re declaring climate state of emergency as in German cities? Are German cities already suffering severely from devastation? Hahaha? Give me a break.

Act swiftly and quickly, lefty unbelievers,

We need worship and new CO2 tax proposals soon.
Lots of guilt, too, German ZOGlings can help out with that. They’ll teach you on how to bow down JUST THE RIGHT WAY…

Or else…she won’t be pleased!!

Hahaha laughing my ass off.

Trump “killed” the climate. He is to blame. Why wouldn’t he work together with globalist world-socialism?
Just because of this stupid orange and his lag of warmth in his heart and compassion for the situation of illegal immigrants we are now entering a new ice age

Well, good going, conservatives!

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Thank God I’m old.

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To this woman climate change means time is running out so we need to eat the babies.

The Left is creating a climate of fear. Even children are experiencing anxiety over it.

Soon they will (re-)introduce full scale child sacrifice.
Worshipping weather god Tammuz has already been re-established in the babylonial west.
What can possibly go wrong from now on…

I also consider ignoring climate change to be equivalent to sacrificing children’s futures.

Are You a believer in Tammuz, too? Or do You consider climate change to be a result of the sun burning hotter possibly due to the lord’s judgement day incoming due to sexual sins staking up to high heaven?


Messianic preachers like EndzeitreporterMcM do consider this option.
Rev 16 speaks of SEVEN vials/bowls of the wrath of God to be spilled onto the earth in the end-of-times

No, I believe the prevailing opinion that climate change is caused by humans, primarily in the form of carbon emissions due to burning fossil fuels.