This doesn’t surprise me but I found it interesting.

Which cities have the best AIDS statistics for you?

I couldn’t find worldwide cities compared but here are countries compared. Canada is very low, as is Colombia. So is the US, fortunately for you.

AIDS is just ice cream to me. Do you remember what you said to me about ice cream?

I don’t remember, no, but you need to stop eating crap or you’re going to have a heart attack or stroke and die (or worse) before you’re 50.

I don’t excrement or fecal matter nor do I need to nor need anyone’s stool transplant.

Did you mean carp or are you being coy?

Did you mean carp? Lots of sushi places in the city and I don’t know if they serve carp. I used to eat sushi weekly as my highlight event by myself. I got addicted to fish that wasn’t fried. I remember I got a fillet so pure and white and I microwaved it and millimeter by millimeter a brown worm came out upright a whole centimeter. I did pick up some pinworm pills with a strong anthelmintec as a precaution. They looked like yellow poison you could have used for vermin and really depleted my health.

Did you mispell “carp health”? Or you are just not getting sympathy for your body consistency. I’mnot looking to deplete your body mass as I know about your sensitive weight loss issues with water on your head or the bidet etc…

Are you using the bidet on your head Reg?

I have not yet tried it that way, no.

our cities are burning to the ground
although that is just a prediction
the fire might go out a few inches above the ground
who can say?
our cities on the ground are burning
even my lawn caught fire yesterday a little past noon
it was already on the ground, so i didn’t get too upset
fucking biden, though
am i right?
saluting at some tomb
civilian control of the military is a cornerstone of american democracy
maybe he curries favor with the armed forces
plotting to launch a coup
never work
by the time he launches it
our cities will have burnt to the ground

Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down
new york post
they omitted “to the ground” due to space constraints

Reg says a lot but who remembers anything. What did he say to you about ice-cream?

Yeah, what he said. What did he say and more importantly, what is worse?

Would you stop pissing and moaning. Think positive. Biden is creating a clean slate for his new administration. Infrastructure can finally be placed at the forefront of the Biden Administrations $1.9T relief bill. From the ashes of a burnt city an entire community can be placed on Section 8 housing and food stamp assistance. You just need to expand your thinki to see the whole picture, Ernest.

why are you trying to make me fat? and taking my name in vain is not very nice either!

edit: just trying to help you, we all know what happens when you take my name or your gods name in vain…

you have a problem with people eating inside?
what did you spend your stimulus check on, you creeping socialist?

bet that guy with bone spurs on his helmet is against government assistance
except maybe the lawyer the government will provide for him
i hear rudy is looking for work

Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.

If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?

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It’s not good much like your attempt to align deliberate destruction with hunger to create the illusion they need big government to survive.

what did you spend your big stimulus check on?

I didn’t get a check because we paid ourselves too much last year. We do qualify for the PPP loan which will go to meet payroll that I will probably selfishly use to buy a new pair of shoes.