Probably not. I can get that here for free.

everybody in america got paid
except you cuz you are too rich
hard to believe
and you didn’t bitch about it till asked
impossible to believe
thou shalt not bear false witness

From what I just googled, if you made more than $87,000 last year, you get nothing. That’s not exactly rich.

Wow I’m completely confused. What are you bitching about? You’re bitching about me bitching about something. What a bitch you are.

We don’t pay ourselves that much. We sold all our cows and had to show that on our taxes. It put our personal income over that threshold.

poor cows:(
wait a minute… hamburgers!

Dang. Wrong topic again. Maybe I can bitch’n move it.

lol buy all of us a pair of high heels and we call it even

In my mind, I already did and you look stunning in yours. Wink wink*

hold on let me finish shaving my legs first!


did president for life trump get mexico to pay for your cows?
maybe trump made up the loss through tariffs, which are good for the economy
selling all your livestock is never good
i’m glad you sold yours
free you up for the move to portland

The USDA estimated that aid payments constituted more one third of total farm income in 2019 and 2020.
creeping socialism

This is true. I made 91000. So that would go a long way in Kansas, but not any liberal city. Or Massachusetts. Or California. I’m not poor at all but I’m not rich either. I still worked so it wasn’t a big deal. Despite working less, I made 91000 in 2020 as well. My wife made a lot less so I’m hoping can use 2020 w2 for any stimulus check. I would have gotten a check for 2018 or 2020, but not 2019.

They should have just given everyone the same amount and if you made a certain amount you’d take a hit on your tax return. Of course, that is difficult if you live in NYC. Also does not help the government if you go on a vacation and then kill yourself.

i used my last stimulus check to pay trumps taxes for 2020
i got my girlfriend to chip in the $100 i was short

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gracie shoulda used trump’s cpa
oh that’s right
he is in prison

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Not jealous of that.

civilians don’t salute
active service don’t even salute while wearing civilian clothes
biden does it
trump did it
i don’t care who started it
it will stop
when on post in uniform i had to get out of my car and face where i thought the post flag was
(i couldn’t see it, but they were playing the music they play when they take it down at night)
anyway get out of my car and salute
and i felt like i was praying towards mecca