Sister Grace?


Obvious. You cannot read. Or are being read the wrong way.
Supposedly reading is a function of the of an area in the left hemisphere of the brain. The whole left is supposedly for dreaming. So that area is theoretically bypassed or dominated which prevents you from reading anything in the dream. You are posting pictures worth “1000 words” but with only a few spare words trying to get free reading and some words on the right side.

You are trying to be “read through” like you are trying to be “prayed through”.

Dangerous Dan the dreamer is walking the line asking for help without being woken up fully with severe mental loss.

What Dan is trying to let others know is: YOU CANNOT READ IN A DREAM, YOU CAN ONLY DREAM YOU ARE READING.


I believe Michelle would join me in praying for your sustained mental prowess.


I see you located my before photo. :japanese_ogre:Thank you!


The elephant!


Ok so the issue is, why do I spiritually connect with Daniel, who is only seeking AFAIK, but not you?

I’m not looking to embarrass or humiliate you. I wouldn’t do that to you. It’s suppose to be fun but we have to break the ice.
Or as Will put it, I’m not going to cut your balls off.



Your silence is disturbing.


Ok, Dan, I don’t think I’ve been unfair but I am not going to keep pressing the issue. Apparently, something is seriously up and judging by how quiet this place has been all day, I must be the only person in the dark.


Huh? I usually only drop in every 3 days or so? Was there a question I missed?


I wonder who the most pro church person in here is. Probably Daniel.


I go once a year. Well, I used to. Haven’t been for a few years. That might be more than anyone else here, though.


I’ve been trying to talk to you since early this morning.


And I agree! Daniel. I haven’t been to church since I changed my political affiliation in 2000.


Dan do you go to church?


Ok Dan! I have tried to talk to you but it’s clear that you don’t want to talk to me so I will leave you in peace.


I do not go to church.

Did you hear about this case?


This is even more clear cut for me siding with the worker. If he is indeed correct, that he didn’t know about the condition before being hired.

Then you have to say what is the result if he wins. We have a company that is trying to rehab convicts that is going to be out 800000 and a guy getting 800000 for 2 months of work. That could really hurt the business. Hard to tell if they are a good company from this case but in this case, I have to side with the worker.


I agree, Dan! No one should force Jesus on anyone else. God doesn’t even want people in Heaven that do not want to be there.


Pope Francis just said parents should take their gay kids to the psychiatrist. I don’t disagree. They seem to have a higher suicide rate. I don’t know why he said it or care, but I guess Twitter is angry at him. I wonder if they even tried to figure out why he said it before they started flipping out.