Isa’s church in Mosquera. I’m trying to take more photos with my phones. Lugging cameras around doesn’t fit my life these days. The problem is the phone images just don’t compare to real camera images.


Totally agree. I gave my tripod to a friend. Hadn’t used it in years. I probably should have kept it. One less thing to move, although it folded up well. I only use my phone now.


Man has built us a beautiful Church to pray in.


God has created breathtaking mountains to worship Him on.


My cousin is moving into an old church.

What kind of church is that Reg? The catholic churches here are nice looking. Martin Luther put an end to that. Gave the artists something else to paint, though. Our non catholic churches here are all VERY boring.


I can’t tell the denomination from the architecture but it’s about 99% certain it’s one of the main Protestant denominations. It’s a cool thing to do, living in a church. It wouldn’t fit my life but it’s cool.


Thank god. You are not in church to look around and take photos. You normally chant for god, read bible (or the other stuff if you are called Cori) and eat with people having the same beliefs.
Churches are no freaking museum or art gallery.


She’s been emailing me lately. She doesn’t care much about Trump and she’s showing no signs of giving up on Islam. I don’t ask her about it. I think religion is foolishness.


You could make them less boring. I know of churches that have the 10 commandments displayed or the fruits of the spirit in a visual appealing manner etc etc. Maybe they allow you to visualize a biblical story, too. Therefor I am only going into such a church if there are chantings and dances to praise god.


I think becoming muslim because of one verse would be foolishness.
Or like a girl I know, becoming Christian without even having opened the bible once.

But sincerely, thoroughly and honestly seeking your creator?..all but foolishness.


That’s necessary or there wouldn’t be any female Christians. lol.


Have you not found your bride, Daniel?


That’s one opinion. Here’s a catholic church in lowell…

Here’s a Unitarian around here.

I would rather go to Unitarian than catholic also. Catholic sermons are either boring or mean or both. They have much better artwork though. That is undeniable. I went to a wedding in that catholic church. They are great for weddings and funerals. They can hold a lot of people and it’s the one time in church where they don’t ask you for money.

I liked the Unitarian church actually. I’d go there every once in a while. Nice people.


I like the idea of the Unitarian Church. Thomas Jefferson was a member if I recall correctly. I like that they have no doctrine, or almost none. Unfortunately I’ve been to a couple of them and I just haven’t enjoyed it. I went to one in Calgary and another in Vancouver. Mostly old people, harmless, somewhat friendly, and just generally boring. Hard to get into it.


Maybe if they had better artwork they would have been a lil more awake.


No. This will take some time. If god gives me another task, I might skip this chapter alltogether.
I am considering calling me “Reconquistador Daniel” from now on or simply refering to myself as “Reconquistador”.
It is a great gift to have a wife and children. But if he wants me to be something else (e.g. a reconquistador) I might just go with it and don’t resist.

Id rather like to see Jeshuah finding his bride…


Are you trying to say that women in general dont understand the scripture? Ecause I met several women with steep understanding of scripture by their own experience. One hard core exemplar of this valueable creed did marry to Aussieland where you are generally more free e.g. to perform biblical homeschooling. Together with a gov that protects its own ppl. I understand her.


That’s funny coming from men who have no spiritual ability to answer a biblical riddle.


No, I’m saying that if women read the Bible, most would never join Christianity. There’s a lot of stuff in that book that is totally unpalatable to most women.


Oh just say it!