Christopher Hitchens


I heap scorn upon your mother.

I just read about him. He supported Israel’s right to exist. I don’t support any religious states (from Israel to Saudi Arabia to the weird kind of Gilead that many Republicans want the US to turn into).

He hated Mother Teresa and Billy Graham. I know nothing bad of the former but that doesn’t mean he was wrong.

He was very pro-EU.

Other than that, I don’t care at all about him. Actually no, I don’t care about him including those points. He was an interesting figure, however.


If you’re looking for factual inaccuracies in what he wrote, I know of none.

I chose to include areas I disagree with him as “wrong”. I already told you what he was wrong about. He acknowledges Israel’s right to exist. I don’t, at least not as a Jewish state.

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I refuse to believe you’re that dumb as to believe my statement that a nation should not exist as a religious state means that the people living in that nation have no right to exist.

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No. I don’t care at all about anyone’s right to self govern as a religious state.


I am coming closer to give everything for this ideal situation

No, I wouldn’t bother with the charade. You asked me what I support. I support me as world dictator, as most people support for themselves. Democracy is inefficient.

I do support Jeshua as dictator



Well, if that’s true, I certainly agree with him that Zionism was a “stupid, messianic, superstitious idea,” as well as a tragedy, in that it resulted in the displacement and ongoing travail of the Palestinians.

I read that he continued to support the existence of Israel as a Jewish state but I certainly lay no claim to be an expert on his opinions, which I think I stated earlier I don’t care about. None of our opinions matter. Should Israel exist? Men with words will debate this for years until men with bombs finally make the decision, as is always the case.

nice to see you are able to do things apart from shitposting

the utter failure actually IS the EU. It is cancerous and it is pure evil. The Lisbon treaty had been forced upon the European people - top-down as usual in the EU burocracy - by voting as many times as needed for a positive outcome.

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Wasn’t hitchens for invading Iraq after 911?