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I liked William F. Buckley when I was a kid. I looked at some of his stuff a few years ago and found him irritating and pompous. Very little I found insightful in youth has aged well for me.

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A TV show called “Firing Line” that he hosted. I thought it was profound when I was 20. I thought it was stupid when revisiting it at 50.


I think you missed it the first time.

I’m not sure if it might not be a good idea to euthanize everyone who talks like that. This probably wouldn’t be good for US Ivy League schools but it would likely be good for humanity.

You know what other show had that same effect on me? WKRP in Cincinnati. I thought that was an amazing show when I was young. Very profound and full of insight. I watched a few episodes some years ago and couldn’t believe I had wasted time on that crap.

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Somebody isn’t being responsive to stimulus.

Just so you know Reggie, I can be the same way.

No, I don’t think that at all. Finding things profound in youth and then realizing later they were simplistic nonsense is as good a summary of the human journey as any. I wouldn’t have missed my share of it.

Bill, you are still filled with anger and insecurity. To indulge these weaknesses, you’re darting about looking for things to poke holes in or throw shit at. I don’t begrudge you this. Everyone seeks validation their own way.



You should read the entire thing! Difficult, but there might be no other way!

True. In my defense, I was 12.

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My journey hasn’t ended yet. When it does, I’m quite sure I won’t yet be wise. I doubt anyone will be. I also doubt I’ll yet have discerned any reason at all for my having lived.

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You need an easier target. Reg is no match for you.