Chile is on fire. I hope Ferni is ok.

I’am ok reggie , thanks.
Complicated times, Chile woke up!


I am not used to Chile being the top story in the news every day for a week. Cuidate.

Dios. For those who didn’t catch it, the slogan on the flag in the photo, “Estamos en guerra” means “we are at war”.

Edit: I am not sure how US news is covering this. They tend to be quite self-absorbed. Here it is wall-to-wall coverage. Chilean news is getting more airtime than Colombian news. My Canadian news feeds have very little coverage, though.

It says “NO estamos en guerra”

Ah! That’s better. I couldn’t make out the “no”.

I am now understanding the significance of this. Their president, Piñera, said, “Estamos en guerra” against the protesters. These protesters are disputing his statement.

They tend to be quite self-absorbed.

Very true. Not unlike US media.

I can’t argue with your little observation, Reg. You’ve made a valid, albeit minuscule point.

Very little, if any, coverage in US news.

I wouldn’t have known about if if not for bbad. A lot of americans don’t care at all about the rest of the world.

I don’t think we are too unique though. I doubt most in china or india know or care about Chile. The green countries might care a little, since they care about the earth. They probably care about people, too.

The US isn’t unique at all not caring about others. Most rich nations are self absorbed.

We also ignore our country too. Mass killings barely make the news now.

That, I admit, is totally unique to the USA. If someone attacks another person with a stapler and nobody gets hurt in the end, it’s huge news in Canada and people talk about banning staplers. Ridiculous, but I’ll take it over the weirdness in the US where mass murders don’t even make news anymore.

Don’t be like that Reg. It’s not that it’s not making news. We are just unmoved by the horrific events because of the frequency of occurances.

This isn’t letting up. I wonder if Piñera can survive it. Ferni, do you still support him?

Espero que pueda terminar su mandato y que todos tengamos paz. Sin embargo creo que las demandas de la ciudadanía son urgentes y deben ser escuchadas.
Respondiendo a tu pregunta, no sé si lo apoyo a él. Mi apoyo es a Chile. Si es capaz de conducir el diálogo para un nuevo pacto social, sí.

De acuerdo con esta, y yo creo en Chile. Es un pais excelente y sobrevivirá a esto.